What is an Ayurvedic treatment? What are its types and how it is done?

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Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine, which offers a holistic treatment. According to this traditional branch of medicine, it is necessary to maintain the right balance between the mind and the body for the overall well-being.

Today, Ayurvedic treatments have gained immense popularity because of its natural approach. Many people residing in India opt for Ayurvedic Treatments for themselves and their family. The western countries are also adopting the concept lately and prefer Ayurvedic Treatment over anything else.

There are various types of Ayurvedic Treatments (Check out https://www.nuayurveda.com/ayurvedic-treatments/) available today. However, each treatment is personalized according to the needs of an individual. Some of the most popular treatments are;

Sandhigata Vata

Problems in knee joints can affect the movement of the body. Such issues are usually faced by women or the elderly. Therefore, to prevent knee arthritis, Ayurveda offers the perfect solution.

Vata Sonita

Vata Sonita affects the joints and impairments. It is a severe condition and often leads to complications. The Ayurvedic Treatment of Vata Sonita is now available easily and within a few days, it results in full recovery.


Also known as Lumber Spondylosis, this condition affects the spinal areas. The affected area, mostly experiences severe pain. There are several Ayurvedic treatments that help reduce the pain and restore the movements of the body.

Greeva Graham

This is a degeneration of the spinal and vertebral regions of the body. Because of this, one might face severe pain and stiffness. It usually occurs near the neck and the shoulders. The symptoms include; giddiness and numbness. Ayurvedic Treatment called Panchakarma helps in treating it.


This basically means “dhara” i.e. flow in “sira” i.e. head. In Ayurveda, the head is considered as the root of the whole body. This is the reason shirodhara is considered as the most important Ayurvedic Treatment. A gentle massage over the scalp does the needful and it helps in stimulating the glands of the body. And because of the massage, the body produces serotonin and melatonin.


Also known as Eczema, this condition is an inflammation of the skin. There are several symptoms and the primary ones include; itchiness, redness, and scaling. This condition can become chronic if it is left untreated for a long time. Along with that, this can also result in immense pain and discoloration. The Ayurvedic treatments for the Eczema are; rektha moksh, snehapana, and virechana.


In this procedure, the herbal oil is spread all over the body in a uniform manner. The practitioner will then massage the affected areas gently for about 60 to 90 minutes. This treatment can last anywhere between 7 to 21 days. This treatment is also highly beneficial for several other diseases like paralysis, weakness, and nervous system disorders.


Lukewarm oil is spread all over the head for a good amount of time, i.e. about an hour or so. Use of leather cap turns out to be a convenient solution as well. This Ayurvedic Treatment is one of the most effective solutions for cataract, deafness, and paralysis in the facial areas.