What Neck Pain Can Mean for You

Our neck is a very important part of our body. It anchors our skull to the top portion of our spine and bears the weight of our head. It is also responsible for the range of movement that’s needed for us to see one hundred and eight degrees from side to side.

The neck is also very delicate. If the neck experiences strong, blunt trauma or sudden movement, the muscles and the bones making up its connection to the spine become damaged. This can lead to neck pain.

Don’t disregard neck pain, even if you think the circumstances that brought the condition about is mundane. It can also be a sign of something serious.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

There are many reasons why you would find yourself suffering neck pain. The reasons, as stated earlier, may vary from the simple to the dangerous and complicated.

These conditions include:

  • Poor sitting posture
    Spending the whole day at the office in a poor sitting posture can cause prolonged strain not only to the neck muscles, but also the back itself and your waist. It’s common for people who have poor sitting posture to suffer sore neck muscles at the end of the day.
  • Whiplash
    “Whiplash” is a name borrowed from the movement of a whip’s tip at the point of impact. This is a very serious condition that is brought by the neck going through a sudden snapping action forward. This can be caused by sudden braking of a vehicle a person is riding in, among many other reasons.
  • Pinched nerve
    A nerve can find itself compressed tightly by the muscles and bone that surround it. The pain is simply the nerve’s signal to the brain that something is wrong, and that it cannot function properly. This can be addressed, however, by a simple massage.
  • Infections
    Another serious reason behind neck pain, this can be caused by inflammation in the neck area. One cause for this is the swelling of the lymph node, which is a sign of serious infection. There are many infections that can be the culprit behind swelling of the lymph nodes, and these include meningitis, tuberculosis of the neck and even HIV.

What Happens When You Feel Neck Pain?

People usually get massage treatment when they feel pain in their neck. If your neck pain is caused by strain or poor sitting posture, this could work. However, as they say, if symptoms persist, it’s time to seek the assistance of your doctor.

There are many ways through which neck pain can be treated medically. The specialist will have to first diagnose the cause of your pain through a variety of tests, including X-Ray and physical probing of the neck muscles. Once the cause of your symptoms is identified, the doctor can recommend a variety of treatment options.

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