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5 Helpful Tips for Taking Care of Your Aging Parents at Home

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A lot of people stress about having their aging parents living at home. But there is no reason to feel stressed or worried about what to do when you find yourself in this situation. Your parents have given you a great life full of support and you want to make sure you return the favor when they need you. Here are some tips to get you through this transition.

1. Help Them Design Their Living Space

You don’t want your parents to feel as though they are being a burden to you. This is why it’s a good idea to go with them to a department store and help them pick out a few things that are uniquely “them.” More than likely, they will be staying in one of your guest rooms, so it is important to make them feel a sense of individuality. In home senior care does not have to feel like your parents are staying in your home. Help them pick out some art or furniture that speaks to them and makes them feel comfortable.

2. Take Them on Outings

Though your parents are staying in your home, it doesn’t mean that their sense of adventure has to diminish. In fact, you might see them light up at the thought of leaving the house for a spell. Even just a simple drive around the neighborhood or a lunch date can give them a sense of living. Caring for aging parents shouldn’t be a chore, it is an opportunity to connect with them and live life to its fullest while they are still around. You should welcome this opportunity with open arms and you’ll find that the connection you have with your parents will grow as a result.

3. Keep Track of all Medications

If you are caring for aging parents at home, chances are you will also be the one responsible for maintaining their medication and prescriptions. You must make sure they take all necessary medicines every day. If it helps write yourself a weekly note telling you what medications are to be taken on which days, and how much of each.

4. Teach Them New Things

Too many seniors tend to just zone out and watch TV when they are stuck at home. But if you have some available time in the evenings you should try teaching them a new hobby or craft. Or take a class online together. This will create a bond between you and your parents but it will also stimulate their mind and creativity. By stimulating their mind you will keep them sharp and alert into their aging years.

5. Keep Them Active with Physical Therapy or Exercise

Physical therapy can work wonders for senior citizens. It keeps their muscles tight and their hearts pumping. You can find simple exercises to do online or you can hire a professional to come work with them. Something as simple as curling a three-pound weight will help alleviate stress. It should be a staple of at home senior citizen care.

These are just some of the many ways to ensure that you stay stress-free when dealing with caring for aging parents. The love you have for them will be given back and they will live happier and longer knowing that they are welcome in your home.