5 Common Habits to Avoid to Have a Perfect Smile: Tips from PoCo Dentistry Experts

You must keep your teeth healthy. There are many different tips which you should follow, which would ensure that your teeth stay healthy and your smile brighter. There are certain habits that you would have to incur to make sure that you are not damaging your teeth. Specific things that you need to avoid are mentioned by reputed dentist.

Avoid Flossing

Brushing your teeth daily or twice a day is essential, but many people do not understand the importance of flossing every day as well. Flossing helps in the removal of bacteria from the teeth, which may cause a cavity. The food particles that are stuck in between the gaps of your teeth would be removed off your floss every day.

Brushing Your Teeth Frequently After Eating

There are different kinds of food and beverage that people consume. Some acidic foods and fruits could damage the enamel of the teeth. People think that brushing the teeth immediately after you have consumed food would keep the teeth clean. However, this is not the case as brushing your teeth immediately after eating could damage it. Make sure that you wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour before you brush your teeth.


Not Changing Your Toothbrush

People keep on using their toothbrush for a long time and forget to change it. This could be very bad for the teeth. PoCo dentist advice to often change the toothbrushes every three to four months. Especially if you are suffering from any disease, make sure that you change the toothbrush after you have recovered.

Over Bleaching your Teeth 

Bleaching is a process which keeps the teeth white and looks clean. However, over bleaching would, in turn, be harmful to the teeth. This is because it would over whiten the teeth and make it look odd. Moreover, the sensitivity of the teeth is increased if you bleach your teeth more often than is advised. Keep the bleaching to a minimum and consult a dentist on the correct time and procedure to bleach your teeth.

Use of Hard Bristle Toothbrush

It is a wring notion that hard bristled toothbrushes could clean your teeth better. On the other hand, it could damage the enamel. You should use soft to medium bristles, which are delicate on your teeth.

These are some of the habits that PoCo dentist tell people to avoid to have better teeth.