5 Baby Care Skills Every New Parent Should Develop!

Nothing brings as much joy as your new born baby does. New parenthood is all the happiness, cuddles and laughs, but it comes with an equal amount of responsibility. First-time parents are often apprehensive and in self-doubt while taking care of the baby. What is the reason for the baby’s incessant crying? How to soothe the baby? Are you holding them correctly? Why haven’t they burped yet? The brain goes through all these mind-boggling questions. But when the baby smiles back at you, you know it is all worth it. You should look for Full-time Baby Care Enrollment yorktown va for help and baby care. 

Here are a few skills that will help handle the baby better: 

Holding the baby

First time parents are not pros at holding kids and it is not expected of them. It is absolutely fine to be a little scared when you hold your tiny being. But how you hold the baby is very important. The child’s neck is very delicate and needs support, so when you lift the baby keep your hand under the head. One hand under the head and one under the hips; and always keep them close to your chest. 

Mother’s well being and care in the first 30 days

Once the baby is born it tends to become all about the baby; but the first 30 days after delivery are crucial for the mom. To provide the best care to the baby, the mother needs to take good care of herself as well. This would involve eating right, consuming foods that help lactate if you are breastfeeding, trying to get as much sleep as possible. Though it may seem impossible, try to sync your sleep cycle with the baby’s sleep schedule. 

Breastfeeding the baby
Breastfeeding is very vital, particularly in the first few days. There are many complications that arise while breastfeeding – baby not being able to latch on, low production of milk, baby demanding too much. One must master the technique and not shy away from asking questions about the right way to breastfeed. This is because the only nutrition the baby gets for the first few days is from the milk. The right position will be achieved through trial and error so try and figure the position in which the baby appears most comfortable and you are good to go as well. 

Making the baby burp

Burping is important to ensure that the baby is feeling no discomfort. To make your baby burp, hold them on your chest in a position that makes their chin rest on the shoulder. Keep supporting the baby’s head and shoulders and gently pat the back or rub it till they burp.

Massaging a baby
Massages need to be given not only to soothe the baby but also strengthen the bones and muscles and improve the blood flow. Make sure never to do this after feeding the baby. You can make your baby lie down on a towel or sheet placed on a comfortable surface. Massage the baby with a recommended oil – first the legs, then the arms, then the chest and conclude the massage with the back. This is the perfect bonding time for the parent and baby. 

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