2019 Best Mattress Brands             

Each year, mattresses improve on design and comfort. We are no longer restricted to a small variety of models, which often leave us sleeping uncomfortably. Instead, we now have a whole range of products with varying designs, materials, and degrees of firmness. More brands are appearing and competing in the market as it continues to quickly grow. Not only do their products differ, but their reputations too. Since a new mattress can be a large investment, here is a guide to the best mattress brands of 2019 to help you make the right decision.


Since 2015, the GhostBed brand has consistently received glowing reviews. Named after the founder’s, Marc L. Werner’s, childhood fear of ghosts beneath the bed, the company have established three core models, The GhostBed, GhostBed Luxe, and GhostBed Flex. While the Flex is a hybrid model mattress, using both foam and coils, the GhostBed and GhostBed Luxe are entirely foam, making use of multiple layers and different materials.

In addition to the excellent quality foams, some models have extra benefits, such as their Ghost Ice, which is a branded gel, blended with the memory foam. This pulls heat away from the body and distributes it evenly, keeping the body feeling cool throughout the night. GhostBed are constantly developing and implementing exciting features, so this is a company to keep your eye on.


Another ghoul-themed brand, Casper remains one of the biggest and most reputable brands in the mattress world. Beginning in 2014, they pioneered the mattress sales model that has become standard now, such as the move from store sales to online distribution. They continue to value high-quality customer service as a fundamental goal, making sure their products meet the same expectations, which, in turn, maintain their popularity with reviewers, such as www.savvysleeper.org.

Offering three models, each without springs, you may choose from the Casper, Essential, or Wave. They distinguish themselves through varying degrees of support benefits, as well as some extra luxuries. The Wave is notably one of the most decadent mattress models on the market right now, with five layers of various foam blends, offering the most comfortable nights of sleep you could imagine.

Brooklyn Bedding

While it may be easy to get lost in Brooklyn Bedding’s exciting terminology, they deliver a product to back up each word. From TitanCool™ to Copper Gel Energex™, this company is passionate about creating the most advanced mattresses on the market. Offering a wide range of models, no matter what preference you have for sleep there will be something for you.

Among their various models are those designed to facilitate specific needs. Their Spartan model is built with the recovering athlete in mind. Created to rejuvenate the body, this mattress’ focus is on clever uses of heat distribution to allow the body an optimal environment to repair itself. It is certainly worth browsing their various models if you are looking for a particular mattress. They even offer a mattress with a focus on sustainability.