Why do athletes use the performance enhancing drugs in sports?

According to the recent survey, it is estimated that almost 20% of the athletes are using the performance enhancing drugs in sports. So, in order to control this drug habits, many of the advanced testing procedures have been introduced in the Olympic sports to make the athletes stop using the drugs. However the new drugs are getting increased and it is developed in such manner that it manages the testing procedures and gives the people huge number of advantages over the athletes. In general there are many reasons why people use the steroids although they are fully aware of the side effects related to the use of performance enhancer drug.

  • Not only the athletes and sports person use steroids to increase their performance but even the body builders use the steroids due to its ability of increasing the muscle growth. 
  • In which lot of body builder professional use the steroids although they do not want to admit it for prolonged period of time as it exhibits the side effects. 
  • The reason behind why numbers of body builders are not using the drugs to increase body muscles is that they considered that training the body in natural way without the use of enhancement drugs is considered as a successful one. 

A lot of body builders are including the professional body builders use steroids due to its ability to make them overcome the body building plateau where this is the point where most of the body builders are not able to achieve their desired increase in their muscle size due to the complacency. The use steroids are able to enhance the synthesis of the protein in your body and this is why more number of body builders, athletes and sports person are using the drugs are getting bulk body muscle and strength  due to effective breaking of the plateau by these drugs. 

Other reasons why individuals use performance enhancing drugs

Other reasons why individual person use the steroids or drugs is for the sake of feeling and looking good about themselves. This is because everyone wants to look good and to transform their body so that they can feel good about themselves. In which many people fail this through the regular and traditional way so they show more interest in sing the performance enhancer drugs. In earlier days these steroids are used for performance enhancing drugs in sports but now this drug is used by number of people, individual and body builders for getting their desired body muscles, fit and strength. The people who are having the overweight issue are also found to be using these enhancing drugs to lose the weight and it also used by the people who are skinny to gain thee body mass through the use of drugs. Nowadays, you can find more number of people are using the drugs for different reasons apart from increasing the body muscle mass size and for getting rid of issues like stress, overweight, strengthening and making the body to be fit enough.