Why Concierge Medicine Is The Future Of Healthcare?

How many times you had to wait too much at the doctor’s office? You’re in pain and you have to sit there for hours until you receive some help. That’s not right, is it? When you need medical help you should get it right away.

Standard medical care will always make you wait for your turn and sometimes, that turn is too far away. You’d rather go home and drink some painkillers then wait forever. The worst part – when you’re in pain, it seems like time passes too slow.

There must be something else out there that will prevent these things from happening. In this article, we’ll tell you about the only perfect solution there is. Follow up and learn what it is!

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine naples fl or membership medicine is a type of service provided for patients by private clinics. What they are offered is top service. Without waiting or getting low attention to their problems. What’s important is that patients get to talk to a doctor right away and will be treated for as long as it is required until the problem is solved.

Depending on the plan you’re going to make with the hospital, you’ll be able to take other services too. If the practitioner isn’t able to solve the problem, or if the problem is more serious, they’ll personally take you to a higher instance or a specialist where you’ll be also treated without any other inconveniences.

You basically have a person who will be there with you and for you at all times. Just like a concierge that will do everything for you in a hotel. The difference is that you’re not in a hotel for vacation but in a clinic where people help to get your health to the highest possible level.

How it differs from standard healthcare?

You’re probably aware of the healthcare system in the US. It is a disaster unless you have a great insurance plan. Even then, you can never be sure how you’ll be treated at the ER since there everyone’s equal and you’ll need to wait for your turn. Plus, there’s no asking for insurance plans when people’s lives are measured in seconds.

The concierge principle is based on accepting fewer patients at a higher price. For that matter, doctors can pay attention to every patient they have for an unlimited time. This, of course, provides much better care and all problems can be checked out in details before any solution is put into practice.

Unlike there, the standard healthcare system will make you wait, sometimes even for a month to get proper testing for some condition or disease. The doctors will only pay a little attention as they can’t get to all the patients they have. It’s not easy serving tens of thousands of patients. When you put over that the salary these people get, there’s no logic in even asking them to pay extra attention. See how much the average salary of the American medic is – here.

That’s why the alternative way we’re talking about is a lot better. Yes, you’ll pay a little extra, but you can be sure that in those moments of need you won’t need to care if you get proper treatment or not.

Why do we say it’s the future?

We all work for the best for ourselves and our families. We’d like to have perfect treatment when we go to the doctors. Since we spend a lot of time and effort working throughout the week, we deserve to be examined fast and thorough. Without mistakes and without being afraid that something will go wrong.

On the other hand, the doctors that are taking care of us also have a lot of work. They deserve getting paid a lot because they have our lives in their hands. If we want them to do a proper job we have to motivate them the right way. What’s the best motivation – money, of course.

In order for everyone to be fully satisfied, this is the best way. The concierge or direct care medicine is the future. A future where everyone will get what they need.


Based on the things written above, it’s clear that this is the healthcare system we all deserve. The medical staff will be satisfied and validating everything they invested from their life and you getting the best care there possible can exist.

No one can expect the doctors to become gods and heal us before even a problem occurs, but with this system, we definitely are going to have the best healthcare system that everyone on this planet deserves. It’s hard to believe that the government will be able to put this in practice so until then, private care is what’s left for us.