What you should know about the best vape mod

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Are you looking for the best vape mod? Then you should take note of this post’s information. It will highlight important information that should be at your fingertips when purchasing a vape mod. You have to know which vape mod suits you perfectly and what you should avoid when buying one. But first, you have to know what exactly a vape mod, its history is and how to choose the ideal vape mod.

Defining Vape Mods

Vapers currently have a wide range of choices than other times in the past. This change is a good thing! Besides vape pens and e-cigarettes, the third high-end class of vape mods has become more popular in the past years.

Vape mods comprise of a larger tank, more battery capacity as well as extra alternatives of customization. Most expert vapes like using their vape mods at home and the vape pens or e-cigs when they are outdoors.

Vape Mods’ Short History

The term “mod” in vape mod implies “modified device.” In the past, standard e-cigarettes (ones that look like normal cigarettes) were the most preferred option in the market. 

Some vapers got more creative and innovative. They conducted experiments using flavors as well as different levels of voltage through a connection between the e-fluid tanks and batteries. It is at this moment that the initial vape mod came to be with the inception of these modified flashlights.

In our present world, you could buy mods that are ready for utility just out of the box. You could also settle for mod kits that allow you to select between the multiple kinds of batteries and tanks.

Mods have a glut of alias names like mechanical mods, advanced custom vaporizes and many others. All the vaping devices that are not vape pens or e-cigarettes can be referred to as mods.

How to Select the Best Vape Mod Gadget

If you are planning to purchase a vape pencil-a-like gadget or vape mod, what will be significantly at play is your individual preference. What you will also have to consider is if you smoked, how often and how much. In case you smoked lightly (less than a packet a day), you may have to consider vape pen or cig-a-like gadget utility.

However, if you used to smoke heavily (more than one packet every day), then you would instead opt for a vape pen or vape mod. There is no definite right answer, try each one of them and decide which one best complements your taste.

Features of the Best Vape Mod

Mods with your desired wattage

When you are searching for the most suitable vape starter kit you have to first determine the wattage that you are most comfortable with. If you are presently using a 50-60W vape, then you should settle for a 100W mod. If you purchase a mod with a lesser wattage, its power output may not satisfy your needs. 

If you use more a device with more power output, for instance, 120W-200W, it would be too much since there is a high chance that you would never use coils with 200W power output range. At this range, the vape becomes warm to hot and most people dislike such type of vape.

Impeccable performance

An excellent gadget has to provide always good vapor as well as flavor. To produce such great results, you have to consider the atomizer coils and the power of the gadget. It would be prudent first to try out various disparate atomizers when you are testing new devices. Some combinations create room for a better performance than others. Trial and error will yield impressive results.

Long battery life

A good gadget has to possess an excellent battery lifespan. In most cases, a fully charged battery will serve you for a few hours, an entire day or more in regards to how often you utilize the vape. A 2,200 to 3000mah battery is incredible and may allow you to vape for the whole of the day.

What You Should Avoid

Single air hole tanks

Tanks that have the single air hole may not provide sufficient airflow to your tank. Conventionally, tanks that lack an adjustable airflow often provide tight draws. When you are doing your homework on tanks, ensure you look for data about vape mods that have an adjustable airflow tank.

Leaking Tanks


A common issue with vape mods is juice sipping out from the air holes. It is a common challenge, and you can easily correct this problem. Some tanks sport adjustments for ports that allow juice flow. When you use them appropriately, they create the vacuum seal within the tank. To prevent leaking, you should always ensure that you close them before opening the tank to fill it up again.

Low power batteries

Batteries that have a low mah(milliamp hours) will yield low output. The smallest gadgets usually have the lowest mah like the Halo G6 280mah. The perfect size for a battery is in the 1500 to 3000mah category. Most vape mods which take 18650 batteries are between 2200 to 4000mah and offer a long battery lifespan.

Unregulated mods

If you are a novice user, you have to be aware of the less-advanced specs which come with the unregulated mods when weighing your vape options during purchase. Unregulated mods lack voltage and wattage adjustments; however, the charge of the battery will determine the voltage amount. This battery charge may culminate to excess voltage, making you have burn hits. It could also produce less voltage when the battery is low.

Unregulated mods are ideal for expert users who possess great vaping comprehension and do not mind the safety features. Because the power adjustment options and circuitry are missing, you will have to possess knowledge on how long to utilize the coil resistance before overheating your battery. 

This process will make your mod to deflate. If you are starting, you should use the voltage- and wattage-controlled as well as temperature-regulated vape that you can find in regulated mods.