What is laser hair removal and why is better than other hair removal methods?

Hair growth on the body is a natural occurrence. However, for a lot of people, especially women it can become undesirable. Whether it is for appearance or hygiene reasons, people often go to certain lengths to be able to get rid of their body hair. The issue is that a lot of the methods are temporary and require continuous expenditure.

For example, shaving is a quick method, but the hair will grow back within a week. In fact, you might even see and feel new hair sprouting in some areas. Depilatory creams will dissolve the hair on the surface in a matter of two or three minutes, but similar to shaving the hair is bound to come back pretty soon. Not to forget, the smell emanating from the cream is extremely unpleasant.

However, for a more long-lasting hair removal you can turn to waxing which will not let the hair grow back for at least a month, however, it is a painful process to go through. One of the more long-lasting options is using the electrolysis, which requires a super fine needle to be inserted into the follicle of the hair and send electric currents to kill of the follicle. This session can be very painful and time-consuming.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is a semi-permanent hair removal method which damages the hair follicle to minimize the hair growth. The way that the laser detects the hair growth is solely through the pigmentation of the cells that are present in the hair follicle. When the melanin present in the hair is targeted, the laser would burn away the hair follicle all the way to its root.

Benefits of laser treatment

Side effects

The treatment has reported producing very few side effects. And the side effects that do emerge, if at all, tend to go in a few days’ time. The level of side effects that you would have to suffer from depends on your skin texture and the doctor who treats you. Someone who is a professional will make sure that you face a minimal amount of side effects, and may even prescribe you medicines and precautions to use in order to take care of all the currently sensitive skin.


Even though the laser treatment may seem expensive at first, it is not more expensive than the other methods of hair removal. You may have to spend on depilatory creams, razors, and wax appointments almost every month, which would cost a lot more when accumulated over the years compared to a few laser treatment sessions.

Ingrown hair

Waxing, threading, and epilating usually results in ingrown hairs which are often painful. However, with laser hair removals you will not have to face this problem since not only does it not let any ingrown hair be produced, but it also helps improve the ingrown hair situation by eliminating them.