Secure Your Health with CVS Pharmacy

Medicines are the everyday need in today’s time. We have become extremely dependent on the medicines. And with the growing diseases around us, you never know when you have to face a health issue. Most of the common people do not know the exact composition of a medicine and sometimes end up eating medicines that do more harm to them than good. It is very important to have a trusted pharmacy that can guide you with your prescriptions. CVS pharmacy is one such trusted pharmacy in USA.

CVS health is an American retail health and pharmacy company. It one of the biggest chains in the world. CVS provides total healthcare facilities to its customers. It has various subsidiaries like CVS pharmacies, minute clinics, CVS care marks etc.

CVS pharmacy – CVS pharmacy is the biggest pharmacy chain in the US with 9600 stores in around 49 states. So it is never tough to find a CVS pharmacy in your area. They usually sell prescription drugs, beauty products, over the counter drugs, film and photofinishing services and various seasonal merchandises. These pharmacies are also a part of the 1100 MinuteClinics run by CVS itself.

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Their availability and the variety of products they keep are the reasons of their success. The CVS pharmacy is not even 5 miles away from any American citizen. And if you don’t want to go to the store, you can order your prescription drugs online from their site. They have a very clean and easy to use the site that can be handled by anyone. They have services like refilling of your prescription, managing your prescription and also remind you to refill your prescriptions on time. They also deliver the prescriptions to your houses free of cost.

They have very exciting loyalty programs going on all the time and you can benefit from them. They offer a loyalty card which can be used to avail discounts at their stores. They post weekly ads in their sites that to show the discounts offered in their stores for that week. They also have their app which also provides you with various facilities like saving your prescriptions, saving your family’s prescriptions, ordering your medicines. They also have a pick up at the curb service. If you order beforehand they bring your order to your car outside the store. You can also save your card details for easy checkout. The app also has photo printing facilities. You can upload your photos in the app and pick them up from your nearby CVS store on the same day. Their professional well-trained employees are very helpful in helping you out with your prescription and always provide you with the right medicines.

The CVS pharmacy is opened 7days a week, 365 days a year to fulfill your needs. The CVS Pharmacy hours can be different for different places and are mentioned on their sites. Or you could log on to to check the opening and closing time of CVS.