How To Prepare Your Child For Allergy Testing

Medical tests can be scary for kids and parents should be there to calm them down and help build their confidence. If your child needs to go through allergy testing, here are some tips to help them prepare for it:

Talk to your doctor

You can only make your child confident about allergy testing if you know what to expect yourself. It is best to talk to your doctor prior to allergy testing and ask questions about the process. Knowing more about the tests, how they’re done, and what your child might experience will help you have some peace of mind. You can also ask you child what he or she wants to know about allergy testing.

Realistic expectations

Do not pretend that allergy testing will be painless. You need to help set your kid’s expectations so they need to know that there can be some discomfort and pain during allergy testing. Instead of focusing on the negatives though, you can assure them that it will be quick, the doctor will take good care of them, and that you will be there to hold their hands. After allergy testing, praise your child and comfort them as needed.

Pick the best schedule

It will be best to go for allergy testing while your child is not hungry and not tired. This way, you lower the risk of anxiety and chances of being lightheaded after the test. However, it will also be best to check with your doctor if your kid needs to fast prior to allergy testing. If fasting is needed, go for the earliest schedule you can get and make sure you bring some food or stop for some snack after the test.

Talk about it

When your child knows that you are there for them, the calmer they will be during situations such as allergy testing. Teach him or her how to be calm prior to testing. Practice some breathing techniques with him that he can use during the day of the testing. This calming technique makes the child feel in control of the body and makes life a lot easier for the lab technicians who will draw blood.

Distract Your Child

During allergy testing, make sure you bring something that will help get his or her mind off away from the needles. You can bring favorite toys, books, gadgets, or anything that will take the attention away from starting at whatever is coming into contact with his or her skin during allergy testing.

Drink water

Unless your doctor says so, it is best to drink up before heading to the clinic or laboratory. A fuller blooder will help the kid urinate and good water intake also hydrates veins that makes drawing blood an easier process.

Parents cannot guarantee kids that allergy testing will be a pleasant experience. The best approach is to prepare them and help them understand why it must be done, how allergy testing is done, and what to expect during the process.

Once you get the results of the tests, your allergy doctor will help you create an action plan to lessen the chances of allergic attacks either through medicine, avoidance, or through desensitization.

Don’t you wish it’s as easy as saying “let’s go” when you’re bringing your child for some allergy testing. Here are some tips to help parents keep their kids calm and to help them understand what they’re going through.