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Looking Into the Medical Benefits of DecaDurabolin

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After its discovery in 1957, several brands are formulated from the initial design of Nandrolone. One of the latest trade names of Nandrolonedecanoate is DecaDurabolin 300. This product is a simple formulation where the decanoate ester is attached to the Nandrolone backbone to extend the half-life and the discharge time of the drugs. There are other forms of the drug like Nandrolonephenylpropionate where the phenylpropionate ester is attached to the Nandrolone backbone. However, the most prevalent form of the drug is Deca 300.

History of DecaDurabolin

If you look into the steroid market for DecaDurabolin, then the most common encounter will be that of Deca-Durabolin injection 300 mg. however, when it was first designed in 1957, it came as the variant NandrolonePhenylpropionate. That particular product has a very short half-life causing the users to take the drug frequently. To increase the half-life of the drug, the ester decanoate was attached to the nandrolone backbone. This increased the half-life of the drug to about 15 days. This made the drug quite popular amongst the users since it was easy to take and comes with a lot of health benefits. Based on all these benefits, DecaDurabolin has been considered as the second most popular anabolic drug to Dianabol amongst different athletes and bodybuilders.

Medicinal values of DecaDurabolin

When it was first introduced into the market, DecaDurabolin was marketed as a medicine. It was used to treat muscle atrophy, advanced breast cancer, and osteoporosis. It was also used as a treatment for weight loss resulting from frailty, disease, geriatric problems, and recovery from trauma, burns, anemia and ulcers. The drug was also an obvious choice for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency disorders in children. The drug was initially marketed as a 50mg/ml product which was later increased to 100 mg/ml and finally 200 mg/ml.

However, because of its associated side effects and misuse, most of the medical use of the drug has been disapproved by the FDA in 1970. Now it has been confined to the treatment of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, anemia and under conditions where muscles get wasted.

Even after the cessation period when most of the drugs are discontinued, DecaDurabolin 300mg did not experience any temporary or permanent discontinuation. The pharmaceutical grade of the drug is still manufactured legally in the USA while several other brands are manufactured and marketed by other countries worldwide.

Mechanism of action of Deca Injections

After the drug is injected into the body, Nandrolone gets converted into the Dihydronandrolone form. It is a lesser potent anabolic steroid which produces insignificant Estrogenic activity. It also cannot bind efficiently to the aromatase enzyme which is required for conversion of androgens to estrogen. As a result, the adverse side effects of the hormone estrogen are ameliorated and most of the effects emerging from the drug are concentrated on the fat conversion to energy and building up of muscle processes. The drug aids in protein synthesis which is required for muscle formation. An apt combination of Deca with proper exercises heightens the effects obtained from the drug.

These are some of the important medicinal and health-related aspects of the drug DecaDurabolin. If you wish to take the drug, you can start off with the DecaDurabolin injection 300mg dose. It is better that you consult your physician before taking the drug.