Jeff Cleveland Clear Choice Health Care Offers Information on Autism Treatment Methods

Several therapies can help individuals with autism improve their abilities while reducing symptoms. Beginning therapy as early as possible which means during preschool or sooner will improve the chances for a child’s overall success. However, regardless of when it starts, it is never too late to seek treatment.

The AAP, the American Academy of Paediatrics, has suggested that it is necessary to research therapies and treatment options as soon as a parent suspects their child is dealing with autism instead of waiting for an official diagnosis. It is important to note that what works for one person may not be the same for another. Keep reading to learn more about autism, along with some of the efforts being made by Jeff Cleveland Clear Choice Health Care and other humanitarian efforts.

Occupational Therapy

These are the activities that assist children with autism to improve their day-to-day tasks. This includes things like buttoning shirts or holding eating utensils. However, it can involve anything that is related to playing, working, or learning. The focus of this therapy is dependent on the goals and needs of the individual child.

Speech Therapy

This type of therapy helps children with the way they speak along with skills for interacting and communicating with other people. The therapy provided can also involve non-verbal skills, such as making eye contact, taking turns speaking during a conversation, and understanding the right way to use gestures. It can also help children learn to express themselves using computers, sign language, and picture symbols.

For the best results, speech therapists should work closely with teachers and parents to continue practicing these essential skills in a child’s day-to-day lives.

Applied Behaviour Analysis

With this type of therapy, a child is rewarded for positive behaviours and is taught new, necessary skills. Caregivers and parents will be properly trained so they are able to give the autistic child feedback in the moment.

The goals of this treatment are determined by the child and their needs. Some include social skills, communication, schoolwork, and personal care. Studies have proven that children who receive intensive ABA therapy early in life will make significant gains that last. There are a few different types of ABA, including discrete trial training, verbal behaviour intervention, pivotal response treatment, and early intensive behavioural intervention.

Social Skills Classes

This is a type of one-on-one or group instruction that is conducted in the child’s home, at school, or in the community. The goal is to help a child improve how they are interacting socially and helps them form bonds with other people. This typically means learning through practice or role-playing. Most classes will be led by a trained therapist. Also, similar to ABA, parent training is essential to help a child improve their overall social skills.

As anyone can see, there are many therapy options available for children who have autism. It is up to the parents and caregivers to ensure they receive the care and treatment needed, which will help them lead full and fulfilling lives.