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What is Face Serum?

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Serum is common and familiar to people who are conscious about their skin and regularly do skin care. But often, people lack a complete or at least a basic knowledge about the serum. It is like even if it moisturising, often you use moisturizer; You may know that it is oily, but you may not exactly know whether it is face oil etc. In brief, the serum is a necessary skin care product which is applied to the skin before moisturizing but after cleansing, in order to allow appropriate ingredients right into the skin, easily and quickly, for maximum effect. Contact déodorant naturel de L’Atelier Candide for organic and varieties of serum, best deodorant, and other face oils to give your face best glow and look.

the Serum is made out of tiny molecules for the effective and maximum penetration of ingredients in the skin, accelerate the ingredients acts quickly and easily with high concentration. the Serum is essential and necessarily used for treating wrinkles and aging skin. When confusion arises about serum on its moisturizer qualities, it is really interesting. A Serum can never be called a moisturizer but it has moisturizing properties.

The Serum has hyaluronic acid and ceramides which are moisturizing ingredients eventually when you use serum, these ingredients help the skin retain moisture. However, because of the presence of these ingredients in serum and their moisturizing functions in the skin, you cannot claim serum as a moisturizer. Actual moisturizers are moisturizing creams and lotions which have high moisturizing ingredients, and effectively and strongly protect the skin moisture.

Now to deal with the question of how often one should use serum, depends on your face or skin type. You may carefully read the instruction on the label. However, applying the serum once a day may be enough in most cases for getting maximum benefits.

There may be emerging confusion on the difference between serum and face oil. Serums are water-based traditionally. On the other hand, many face oils in the market are sold as serum. For example, “vinter’s daughter botanical serum” is in fact a face oil. The real confusion is, you have two types of serum, water-based serum and oil-based serum. Water-based serums have smaller molecules and they go under the cream, and nourish the inner layer skin. The oil-based serums have comparatively bigger molecules and go above the moisturiser and help the moisturiser last long.

Similarly, on the confusion about serum and essence, both have similar applications, but they are different in texture. Essences are more fluid but the serum is more concentrated and gooier.