An Introduction To Two Most Effective Steroid

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There are a variety of steroids available in the market used for the purpose of body building. One of the most commonly preferred steroid during cutting phase is Anavar, which is also known as Oxandrolone.  This supplement is so preferred due to the fact that it is very mild on the body, particularly on the liver in comparison to the other cutting steroids available in the market. Due to this property of Anavar, it is highly popular amongst the females as females are more sensitive to the steroids in comparison to male. Moreover, this steroid is also known as ‘female steroid’ as consumption of this steroid does not lead to the induction of the second male sexual characteristics in females.

Another effective steroid available in the market is Winstrol, which is also known as Stanozolol. This supplement shows great results for fat loss with mere androgenic effects and for this reason female body enthusiast gravitates towards it. If a comparison is drawn in between oxandrolone tablets versus stanazol, it is found that Oxandrolone proves to show better results that the later even though it costs more. Both the steroids help the body enthusiast to maintain stamina and strength simultaneous to burning fat and calories apart from letting them maintain their lean muscle mass during cutting cycles.

Comparison between the dosages

For any steroid to act effectively, it is important to follow a proper dosage. If the dosage exceeds the limit, then it might have grave side effects on your body. In the case of Winstrol, the dosage that is generally prescribed is two milligrams tablet to be taken three times daily whereas, for the injectable purpose, the prescription guideline to be followed is a single Winstrol injection of fifty milligrams to be taken once in every two to three weeks. The use of Winstrol should not exceed for more than six to eight weeks. For Anavar, the dosage recommended is five to ten milligrams daily where the cycle of use should not be longer than two to four weeks.

Stacking of Winstrol and Anavar

In order to achieve more effective results, the body enthusiasts opt for stacking. Stacking is the process where two or more steroids are combined together and used during a particular anabolic steroid cycle. As there are many anabolic steroids available, there is almost an infinite number of stacking options available. Winstrol and Anavar can be stacked in the same cycle as Anavar is known to be a great starter whereas the later one is an effective finisher. Both these supplements are completely legal to use.

Winstrol and Anavar are known to increase the hypertrophy and stamina without causing much damage to the liver. Moreover, these provide all the necessary nutrition and stimulation needed by the body which increases the DHT and testosterone and boosts the anabolism. This stack also helps to retain the lean muscle mass, hardening the muscle along with increasing the vascularity while burning the excessive fat.  Oxandrolone has the edge over stanazol when Oxandrolone tablets versus stanazol tables are taken into consideration but when both the steroids are stacked together, it helps you to achieve the ideal toned beach body.