In what situations is a plane ambulance used for?


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During challenging situations when patients are in the absolute need of their transfer to a hospital, everybody thinks of an ambulance, rushing down the crowded roads, its sirens being heard all over the busy streets and of course drivers follow the basic safety rules and pave the way for it to pass through and reach the emergency spot as soon as it gets.

However, there are these occasions when patients are not located in big city centers and their approach is rather difficult. In the following situations, when people are involved in accidents in remote areas such as smaller towns, islands, holiday resorts in the mountains and many more, their quick and effective transfer is deemed of critical importance. 

A state-of-the-art plane ambulance will replace typical ambulances in such occasions. We all know how stressful an emergency can be and how well the medical staff should cooperate so that the patient has the fastest possible access to hospital care. Genuinely equipped and maintained by a highly trained crew, ambulance plane can act through air transfer given the emergency coordinates.

Apart from the on-board trained crew as far as it concerns the flight itself, highly professional and experienced medical staff will be in charge and medically support the patient throughout their transfer. Apparently, relatives or close friends as indicated will be constantly informed and involved in the air transfer until the patient is safely admitted into the ground hospital.

Doubtlessly, some people, patients or relatives, may feel vulnerable when confronted with this unprecedented situation. However, air ambulance can be as convenient as a common ambulance and in fact, its reaction can be more effective in terms of time. After all, we all know that in critical emergency situations, time plays an important role. Therefore, air transferring could guarantee a faster response and save precious minutes in high risk emergencies.

Plane ambulances is part of a complete medical system that puts responsibility and safety first by shifting the same amount of importance for every human life. Of course, the severity of each situation differs and so may be the cost of transferring. However, since its situation is treated as unique, other factors contribute to the final cost of air transferring, such as the location of the patient and the proximity of the target clinic or hospital.

Air transferring is not only recommended for people who reside in big city centres, but also for international travellers and people who are committed to travelling for professional reasons throughout a year. It is certain that safe travels require medical cover so that you can enjoy every single moment and at the same time your beloved ones can feel secure about your absence. Air ambulances do not derive from exaggerated concern over one’s life. They are parts of a ‘safety comes first’ plan which will activate a freedom in your travels and provide you with a complete medical overview in your daily routine.