How to store Cannabis Long term and preserve the freshness: 

How To Store Weed For Extended Periods of Time | High Times

Did you just grow cannabis for the first time and you don’t plan on touching it for a bit? You may be wondering how you can store your buds to prevent them from getting dry over time. Smoking cannabis that has not been preserved well will not get you as high as it first did.  Aging is inevitable with cannabis but you can slow the process down with proper storage and preservation. Here some top tips on how you can preserve your cannabis from the elements:

Keeping it Away From Moisture

Any type of humidity or moisture can increase the risk that you could face a mold infestation. Keeping a sealed container that is not going to be exposed to humidity or dampness will make sure that your weed will not be exposed to too much moisture. 


Proper temperature and humidity control can prevent the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes over time. Make sure that the storage area for your Weed does not get any hotter than 25.5°C as a warmer can be a prime temperature for mold or mildew growth. 


A light-proof container can prevent the impact of UV light on terpenes and cannabinoids. If you have dried bud, keep it out of the light and you can prevent humidity and UV radiation from affecting the quality. 

The Materials For Your Container

The base materials for the container you keep your cannabis and can have a direct impact on the aging process. If you’re placing your cannabis and plastic material this can often cause the buds to sweat which will release all of the inner moisture and dry up the weed faster. An airtight and clean storage container is a crucial item for keeping your cannabis at its best. 

Be sure to upgrade your cannabis storage today so that you can keep your cannabis the freshest. 

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