How to Recover from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

It’s 2017 and the year is young. You made it through the holidays and now have a fresh start in life. Perhaps, like many people in South Florida, you desire to make a change. And maybe that change is to quit a drug or alcohol addiction. If you have decided to make this change, congratulations! By choosing to quit, you have already made a step toward full recovery. These tips below from a South Florida drug & alcohol detox center can help you succeed in your rehabilitation journey.

Tip #1: Find Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress

When you begin to detoxify your body, you may experience the unpleasant feelings that stem from stress and remember why you were addicted in the first place. Take advantage of the situation by identifying the problems and finding positive ways to respond. Experiment with different ways to manage stress and find one that works for you. Exercise, outdoor activities, playing with pets, and taking a hot shower or bath are some good examples. Image result for How to Recover from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Tip #2: Seek Out Support

Dealing with a history of substance abuse is painful, but you don’t have to be alone. Reach out to close family members, a South Florida drug & alcohol detox center, churches, and sober friends who will help you. Share your experiences with them, and be honest with yourself. Consider moving to a sober living home if where you live isn’t free of substance. A solid support system is crucial to success.

Tip #3: Discover an Enriching Drug-Free Life

The key to staying sober from substance abuse is to “fill the gap” with something else that’s healthy. There are many other activities and interests to look forward to in life that give meaning and a sense of purpose. Have you adopted a pet before? Do you enjoy an outdoor sport? Are you excited about getting involved in your church? Do you want to try your hand at art? Choose meaningful goals that matter to you. Be fun and creative with them.

Tip #4: Don’t Give Up

Overcoming addiction is tough and can take a long time. Don’t be surprised if you experience relapses. Remember, a relapse isn’t a failure. Take the opportunity to identify the cause and adjust your course. Famous inventors such as Thomas Edison have failed countless times before they succeeded with their final product. Study these inventors and follow their example. Overcoming addiction is a similar process.

We hope that these tips encourage you on your rehabilitation journey. For similar tips and resources, seek out your South Florida drug & alcohol detox center to learn more. May your year be healthy and prosperous in 2017!