Hot Tub Includes the Pros Know

When you’re shopping around for an essential, as well as expensive item, you got to recognize the lingo. Recognizing what these terms imply for the life expectancy, quality, and efficiency of your hot tub covers can make a big distinction in your acquisition.

  • Foam Density: Jacuzzi covers are readily available in one-pound, one-and-a-half-pound, and two-pound thickness. The greater the thickness, the stronger and better at maintaining warm your cover will be.
  • Foam Density: Most cover tapers array in density from 4 x 2 inches to 6 x 4 inches. Thicker foam can deal with much heavier tons as well as maintain in heat more effectively.
  • R-value: The Federal Profession Commission manages how to test for as well as disclose to customers the warmth resistance of foam insulation. However, no person regulates the R-value for spa cover foam, therefore it is not consistent throughout manufacturers. That doesn’t stop some of them from utilizing R-value as a selling factor. Just bear in mind thickness, and density are much better indicators of quality, as well as take R-value numbers with a grain of salt.
  • Marine Quality Plastic: The covering of your jacuzzi cover is made from product resistant to constant water exposure. The criterion is aquatic grade vinyl. Nevertheless, it varies in quality. It’s rated by its weight per square yard, normally ranging from 26 to 34 ounces. The greater the number, the more powerful the vinyl, particularly if it is treated for ultraviolet and mold resistance.
  • C-Channel: A galvanized iron bar runs through the width of the cover assists in reinforcing it under heavy tons. It’s immune to chemical deterioration while giving some protection to the foam panels.
  • Vapor Barrier: The core of foam is covered in a couple of thin plastic film layers which assist in protecting against moisture from saturating inside the foam. Generally, it is sealed circulating the foam with heat. As your cover gets aged, the vapor barrier gradually breaks down.
  • Security Locks: Health spa covers featured as numerous as four locks integrated in. Some are a basic plastic dial, while others secure with a key. If you’ve got kids or you leave your jacuzzi unattended for a season, security locks may be a vital attribute for your cover.