Alpha GPC – Way Towards the Mind

This drug is also known as Alpha glyceryl phosphorylcholine (GPC), alpha glycerophosphocholine, but not the same as choline, CDP choline, DMAE. It is a kind of cholinergic which increases the level of acetylcholine. It is also a nootropic, meaning towards the mind, a compound that enhances cognitive skill, directly or indirectly. Alpha GPC is a choline-containing molecule that acts as a catalyst in phospholipid metabolism. This compound is found in various foods like eggs, red and organ meat, dairy products, wheat gram, etc. When measured on the basis of serum value, potency by weight, clinical intervention, it is superior to choline and CDP choline. It is able to cross the blood-brain barrier effortlessly and increase the level and flow of Ach in the central nervous system (CNS).

Benefits and Effects

ACH is responsible for changing neuronal excitability, synaptic transmission, and flexibility in the whole body. Tough it primarily works within the central nervous system, it also enhances short term memory by Ach afferent (sensory feed-forward) in the prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain associated with language, learning, and short term memory. As it crosses the blood-brain barrier with ease, it directly increases choline level, which in turn enhances neural agility and acetylcholinesterase reserve. It also enhances memory retention of older people who suffer memory loss due to old age. If a high dose (1200mg per day) is administered, it supports cognitive ability more than choline and CDP choline. Progressive cognitive decline and memory loss (dementia) is very common in older people due to poor blood circulation in the brain and for other reasons. Research conducted over 4,000 aged people in 20 clinical trials shows alpha gpc works better than choline in increasing memory and attention on those people.

In animal trials conducted by scientists in the laboratory, this drug reduces cognitive decline and enhance mental agility in rats.

Alzheimer`s disease

In this disease package of mutated proteins, destroy neuron and deplete acetylcholine, causing an array of cognitive problems. In a study conducted over 260 patients, the administration of this drug showed improvement in symptoms of this disease. In another study conducted over 113 patients, it improved the standard treatment (donepezil).

Athletic performance

This performance and the psychological enhancing drug has gained popularity as a supplement among athletes, weight lifters, and bodybuilders. In two studies conducted over 61 young sportspeople, this nootropic choline drug increased speed, power, and pull force when given in a dose of 250mg to 600 mg per day. It has more effect on the lower body of the sportspersons. When a lower dose of 200mg per day was administered, it increased the vertical jump power by 8.5% in 22 sportspersons. When given in a dose of 600mg, it enhanced growth hormone by an astounding 44% and increased bench press force by 14%.

Plays a vital role in stroke recovery

According to a study of three clinical trials over 2,500 stroke patients, this drug helps recovery of cognitive and mental ability after stroke. It helps in recovering cognitive ability up to 70% in some cases.