Activities you can perform after Hernia Surgery:

Most patients who undergo hernia surgery experience a certain amount of pain post the operation. This usually comes by injuring and swelling around the incision. Some other showings that can be felt up to a year post-operation include -pulling, tugging and burning sensations in the groin area. These sensations can arise after any operation.

While each and every person who undergoes surgery might have a different experience, that means what you sense may be less or more dramatic than what others feel. The most significant thing post a successful operation is making sure that one takes adequate precautions; let the body heal properly and, if anything that is not ordinary comes out, check with your surgeon to make sure that nothing is out of order. Many surgeons offer an advanced, minimally invasive approach to umbilical hernia surgery with laparoscopic procedures.

Activities you can perform soon after the Surgery:

– Soon after the surgery, you can resume a normal diet, depending on how you feel.

–The same evening post-surgery, you should be able to walk,climb stairs or stand, even if you feel uncomfortable at doing so.

–On the next day following the surgery, you may take a shower, though bathing and swimming should be off-limits for a minimum of 5 days.

–On the next day post-surgery, you can do limited-scope exercises if you feel you can do it, which includes walking and using a treadmill. Intense exercising needs to be avoided for at least 2 weeks after the operation, preferably only when the pain is no longer a major issue.

–Some patients can also go back to their respective work and/or school after 3-7 days.

–If you suspect any unusual circumstances make sure you report to your doctor ASAP after surgery. Ensure that you follow all the recommendations as to when to report back to the surgeon for a follow-up as suggested to you by the medical expert.

–Laparoscopic surgery patients generally recover faster and sooner than the open surgery patients, you should nevertheless allow approximately 3 weeks to get back to normal routines.

Consider these tips on post hernia surgery recovery and make sure you follow the recommendations given by a medical expert.