Have You Ever Wondered How Lift Chairs Work?

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Lift chairs are a type of medical equipment and a necessity for millions of Americans with limited mobility, as they allow them to safely get into and out of a comfortable chair in a way that is often less painful on aching joints and muscles.

These chairs have all their magic hidden inside, so you may not even realize that you are looking at a lift chair — instead, you may think you’re simply seeing a comfortable recliner.

Here’s how lift chairs work can provide help to individuals as they recuperate from surgery and illness or as they age.

What Is a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are designed to help boost individuals from a sitting position using mechanical means or ease them down to a sitting position.

There are several names that you might see, all of which have similar meanings: power lift chairs, mobility recliners, lift chairs or infinite position recliners.

These chairs are multi-function, as many of them not only provide a boost up to a standing position but also lay almost completely flat to create a comfortable bed for napping.

Who Can Benefit From a Lift Chair?

As we age, there is a propensity for weakening in the hips, back and legs, and lift chairs are an excellent option that allows older individuals to maintain the independence that they crave.

You might also need a lift chair for a short period of time as you are recovering from a particularly strenuous surgery or illness that weakened the core, back, hips or legs.

Since the chairs are able to gently shift the individual between sitting and standing, it creates significantly less pressure on tender joints as they heal.

Lift chairs are therapeutic medical equipment and one that can reduce their pain levels and generally make life easier.