FUE hair transplant cost in India and recovery

Now a day many of us remain tensed about to maintain our hairs having aging problems, bad scalp etc. So let’s kick out these problems by introducing FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is really helpful to hair transplantation and fix these issues. Once when you will complete this surgery then your looks will be changed to young and smarter than ever. So this treatment is not very much costly for your hair, but is the best for different design hairstyle like taper fade hairstyle etc. You can complete it within a reasonable rate from any clinic in India. So to recover your damaged hair, scalp, bald hair etc. you can definitely go through this recovery option.

So do not take any tension about this surgery because it is very simple and take few hours to complete the whole process. Your skin or body will not get harmed while doing this surgery. In this content we will discuss in details about all the procedures to apply this transplantation for your hair with the help of Follicular unit Extraction process. If you think about the cost then it slightly may vary from clinic to clinic but it is very reasonable for all people who want to do this surgery.

What is FUE hair transplant?

So basically FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a process which is used to recover or cover up the baldness in hair, increase the hair density, correct the line of hair etc. This is one of the most advanced level transplantation processes which can be applied without removing and strips. The extraction is done by using very special needle having diameter 0.6 to 1 mm in size and having special aid too. Implante capilar is a similar process which is done in Brazil. This is a complete natural process to transplant your hair with some simple steps.

How to perform FUE hair transplantation?

At first you need to visit any hair transplantation clinic where expert professionals are there to perform this surgery. Now take all precautions before starting the surgery as directed by the professionals. Now you will get provided with a local type of anaesthesia over your scalp. On the next step the donor area i.e. the back side of your scalp is gets trimmed and the hair follicles get extracted from that side. Punching will be done of less than 1mm in size to make small points in your follicles and these are extracted using special types of tweezers. Now these follicles are settled or plant on the bald area and thus it provides the hair growth on that bald area. There is no need to perform any major surgery and you will not feel any pain or any operation marks with this FUE process.

The maximum surgery time to perform this step is varying from 2 – 10 hours in any clinic or hospitals. Now feel free to go anywhere from the next day and wait for 3 to 6 months. Within 3 to 6 months your new hair will recover from that implanted follicles and thus provides you a best look for ever.

Costing for FUE hair transplantation

The costing for doing FUE hair transplantation may varies from 60 – 70 INR per grafts. The process also may vary depending on the states and the quality of Clinics and surgeon they have provides. So it may also ranges from 30 -40 INR per grafts in other clinics also. So choose your best options and do the surgeries which will full fill your actual needs.

Benefits of FUE hair Transplantation

The main benefits of doing FUE hair transplantation has been written on the below points.

  • Through this surgery no wounds or operation marks has been occur on your head. So there is no hint to occur any wound mark on your scalp.
  • This is a total painless process thus you will not feel any type of pain during the process of transplantation.
  • The hair follicles will damage in a less amount compare to other process.
  • You will get back your total charm after recover your beautiful hairs. Yes, and this is advocated by many travel blogs.
  • The timings to perform this surgery are very less and the costing is affordable for all peoples.

That’s all about the FUE hair transplantation cost in India and these are all the recovery details in all. So if anybody needs to do these types of surgery for their bald scalp then definitely go for this process of surgery. The costing and surgical method is very simple and reliable for any people. Before doing this FUE transplantation you need to consult with the best professionals or surgeons at first. They will check your body capability and tells you the remedies or precautions to be taken before attempting this surgery. So this is all for FUE surgery to transplant your hair completely and safely.