Ear pillow buying guide

What on earth is an ear pillow?

Aren’t all pillows ear pillows? In the sense that all glasses are eye glasses, yes, but not all glasses are corrective. Some glasses are used for fashion while others are used for sun protection.

The same applies to pillows. All pillows involve the ear but only special ‘ear pillows’ are designed to correct a problem. The problem is that pillows tend to exert a lot of pressure onto the ear which results in all manner of undesirable conditions. Chief amongst them is CNH, or Winkler’s disease, which is an ear pressure sore. Ear pillows are also very effective at shortening the healing time after ear surgery and for protecting the ear as it heals after piercing.

Therefore, an ear pillow is a pillow which protects the ear and allows it to heal.

How does an ear pillow work?

It works by keeping the ear safe and protected. CNH, pressure sores, ear piercings, these conditions are worsened through the application of pressure and friction. Your pillow is the primary source of both pressure and friction and therefore it is incumbent upon it to ameliorate these effects. Unfortunately, most pillows don’t do this; instead allowing your ear to become damaged night after night. This eventually leads to one of the conditions detailed above, especially if you are elderly and sleep on the same side each evening.

An ear pillow should be soft and comfortable, yet supportive enough to keep a persons’ ear from touching the mattress. It should also not allow the ear to touch the pillow’s hole.

In this way the ear is freed from the continual application of pressure and is allowed to heal naturally and quickly. Many conditions such as CNH, which are generally very hard to treat, resolve within a matter of weeks after using an ear pillow.

Where can I get one?

The most well-known ear pillow is The Original P.W.A.H™. The reason for its success is a combination of brilliant customer service, for they genuinely care about their customers, and personal experience. The creator herself suffered from ear pain for many years and decided to make a pillow that would work for her. It was so good that she felt that it could work for you, too.

For more information visit their shop, here: http://thepillowwithahole.co.uk/shop/