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Drug Addiction Ruins Lives before People Realize it

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There’s nothing more frightening than being an addict. When there’s a war raging, people know what they need to take care of. Other people shooting with guns are trying to take our lives and we need to protect ourselves. With drugs, we are our own enemy.

Most addictions start with just one small dose of whatever drug it is. From happy pills to heroin, just a small dose is enough to make a person feel good. After this, nothing changes. The person feels normal and thinks there’s nothing to be worried about. Learn more about drug addiction here.

Even those who are warned about the negative effects realize that there’s nothing scary. It’s not as others described it to be. Even the feeling is not as sensual as others described it. However, after a few more doses, the feeling becomes better, the brain gets addicted, and life goes over the cliff.

Being aware of facts is a must

Children are the most vulnerable group. Kids at the age of 13 and above are starting to meet these things and they are naturally curious. Just like everything else in their lives, they want to know what the fuss is all about. Parents must educate them and make sure they are not going to fall on the drug dealers’ charms.

Kids must be aware of the facts. In the age of the internet, it’s easy to explain to them why drugs are bad. There are so many websites talking about this menace and danger. All a parent needs to do is open some of these pages made for kids and show them what’s important to know.

They need to know how the drugs work. They must understand the science behind it. They should learn how the chemistry of the substances is going to affect their brains and how hard it will be to detox their system from it. The more these kids learn the fewer addicts will be out there.

Understanding of types of substances is also a must

Not all drugs are the same, and there’s no arguing over this. All of them are causing more or less damage, but it’s crucial to know that not all of them are equally harmful. For example, sleeping pills are a reason for millions of people to be addicted to them, but their effect on the brain is mild compared to heroin, for example.

One of the most crucial facts that everyone must know is what drug will cause a fatal overdose. Overdosing with heroin can cause instant death. Overdosing with LSD may destroy your brain forever and leave you living in a distorted reality forever which will eventually take you to a mental institution. Learn more about the effects on this link:

Overdosing with marijuana is just like drinking too much alcohol. It’s harmful but rarely ends up fatally. You’ll sober up, and you’ll be fine in a couple of days. That’s why you must be aware of the severity of these substances and be careful if you consume them. There might not be a second chance if you go overboard.

How to know if you have a problem and what to do?

People who are filed in the register as constant users are taking at least 3 times per week some of the drugs that might cause problems. However, to call someone addicted means that they are using something constantly, and have trouble quitting.

The best thing to do in this situation is to call for help. If you have trouble quitting on your own, then you should do something that will make things happen. A talk with someone you love and trust is the first step. They will help you.

The second thing to do is to start a rehabilitation process. This article at fitforsoul talks more about recognizing the problem, and if you find yourself within the range of these points, then you should ask for professional help too.


Drugs are bad. Some are more and some are less harmful but they all need to stay out of your life. If you couldn’t resist for some time taking them, it means it’s time for a more serious approach and going to rehab.