Don’t Gamble on Treatment: Questions to Ask When Enrolling to A Rehab

Residential addiction treatment programs come in many different forms. Knowing what to search for in a reputable treatment center might make getting assistance for an addiction easier.

Given the recent rise in addiction treatment scams and rehab center scams, researching potential treatment facilities is more important than ever. Knowing the queries to ask and how to research the many programs and treatment choices available can help you make an informed decision. Instead of putting your addiction recovery at risk, do your research. Here are questions you could ask:

The length of the treatment programs

Addiction treatment courses may run from 2 weeks to 1 month or perhaps up to six months, depending on the facility. The needs and results of the patient’s assessment will define how long the addiction treatment course should go. Several rehab centers provide program extensions if a patient needs further treatment after the first program period has passed.

At Skyward Center, we recognize that each patient’s dependency is distinct and that the amount of time required for recovery varies on the person’s particular treatment needs. Every new patient at Skyward undergoes an initial examination to determine the severity of their dependency and the kind of treatment they will require to overcome their issue successfully. Those who finish our inpatient courses, which may run from 30 to 90 days, will get aftercare treatment.

Can individuals get the addiction treatment uniquely suited to their mix of physical, social, spiritual, and medical needs?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in addiction treatment. Find a rehab facility that offers treatment regimens specifically designed for each patient’s unique needs and addiction challenges. To improve the chances of a patient’s recovery, it is preferable to treat them holistically, paying particular attention to their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Each client at Skyward Center receives a personalized treatment plan according to their individual mental history, current health issues, and addiction issues. Each patient receives individualized care from a multidisciplinary team that includes board-certified addiction counselors, psychologists, nurses, physicians, and health and wellness specialists. Our staff takes care of every aspect of the client’s addiction, psychological health, and recovery.

Staff’s credentials.

Rehab facilities demand that all their staff members possess the necessary credentials and licenses to ensure that patients get care in line with internationally and domestically recognized standards of professional practice.

At Skyward Center, our multidisciplinary team includes highly certified addiction experts, psychologists and psychiatrists, medical professionals, and nurses with a focus on mental health.

Rehab center’s location

Location is key, much as in the real estate industry! Your rehabilitation center’s location is crucial. In a large metropolis like Dallas, Texas, there are several 12-step groups daily. A wide variety of pleasant activities are also accessible, including art classes, hiking, and fitness training programs.

Ratio of patients to employees

Low patient-to-staff ratio rehab centers ensures that their clients get the specialized care and concentrated attention they need to recover from their mental condition fully.

Skyward Center maintains a small patient-to-staff ratio to ensure that each patient receives the best possible individualized care.

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