Coolsculpting vs. Sculpsure: Which Procedure is Better?

With all the new solutions for issues like cellulite and stubborn body fat always coming on the market, it’s natural that people have questions about the efficacy of them.

Two of the procedures that people want to know a lot more about are Sculpsure and Coolscultping. That’s why this blog post will outline some of the main differences between the two procedures, as well as their pros and cons.

How Do These Two Procedures Work?

Both Sculpsure and Coolsculpting work by destroying your fat cells by changing the temperature of them. However, they each take a different approach to this task. Coolscultping freezes the fat cells. Sculpsure makes sure that the fat cells get too hot to survive.

Coolsculpting draws your tissue into the area into the applicator. The applicator suctions while the area cools. This suctioning causes the fat cells to freeze up. When the fat cells freeze, they die. The dead cells then get cleared. When the dead cells get removed, the treated area appears smoother and more attractive.

Your Sculpsure procedure will use flat applicators on the treatment area. The applicators use a laser to heat the cells to kill them. The treatment staff will use cooling plates so that your skin doesn’t feel the heat. Your body will work to remove the dead cells, which will eliminate the fat in the area.

Both Coolsculpting and Sculpsure use similar techniques to destroy fat cells. One of the main differences has to do with temperature. With Coolsculpting, the cold stays in one place while the heat that you will experience with a Sculpsure treatment will extend beyond the treatment area.

This spread creates a transition between the parts of the body that get treated and those that do not receive attention.

What Are The Treatments For These Two Procedures Like?

One Coolscupting treatment takes approximately one hour. The practitioner will place the applicator on the affected area. The tissue will then get sucked and pulled between two plates so that the fat cells get frozen.

Sculpsure treatments take approximately 30 minutes to complete. With this procedure, up to 4 applicators get used at one time to fit the area to be treated. Sometimes, the practitioner can work on two areas at once. The applicators sit on your tissue, which keeps your skin cool while the laser heats the fat cells.

Pros and Cons: Coolsculpting


  • You might experience uncomfortable tugging from the suctioning
  • You might experience redness, swelling, and bruising after the treatment
  • Numbness in the area that got treated could last for a couple of weeks


  • Coolsculpting can treat more areas of the body than Sculpsure
  • You can receive treatment on your chin
  • Can see changes as early as 3 weeks

Pros and Cons: Sculpsure


  • There’s no suctioning in this procedure
  • Patients experience less redness than with Coolsculpting
  • People of all races can undergo this procedure


  • Patients experience periods of intense heat during the treatment
  • Some patients get cramps during the treatment
  • Patients who don’t qualify for Sculpsure because they don’t have enough fat can do this procedure