Diet Handling of Pregnant women

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Motherhood is the most cherished moment of women’s life. Most of the women will get ware of their pregnancy when they miss their periods. Through their doctor check-up, they can find they are pregnant.

It is necessary to take pregnant women diet during pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy usually starts with a healthy diet plan. There are some foods and another eatable should be avoided as well as take into consideration for the better growth of the baby.

Foods to take for pregnant women diet:

1st-month Pregnancy Diet: Foods stuffs rich in Folic acid (green leafy vegetables, bread, etc.,), milk products, fibre-rich foods (oats, wheat, etc.,), lean meat, seed and nuts, iodized salts.

2nd-month Pregnancy Diet: Calcium, folic acid, iron, fibre-rich, a protein contained foodstuffs and mainly VITAMIN B12, VITAMIN D, VITAMIN C contained foods and fruits for cell division, teeth, bones, metabolism, and skeletal development of the baby.

3rd-month Pregnancy Diet: VITAMIN B6 rich foods, fresh fruits, carbohydrates, and dairy products.

4th 5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th-month Pregnant Women Diet: High fibre foods, essential fatty acids, meat which is cooked very thoroughly, fresh fruit, dairy products, raw and green veggies, and protein-rich foods.

Foods to be avoided during pregnant diet:

1st-month Pregnancy Diet: Soft Cheese, raw eggs, pre-made salads, undercooked meats and poultry, raw fish and sharks, pineapple, raw papaya, unpasteurized foodstuffs.

2nd-month Pregnancy Diet: undercooked meats, raw eggs, unpasteurized stuff, swordfish and tilefish which contain a high level of mercury, fired food materials, alcohol. Limited intake of energy and carbonated drinks, caffeine, sweets.

3rd-month Pregnancy Diet: Junk foods, seafood, fried foods, unpasteurized dairy products.

4th 5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th-month Pregnancy Diet: Soft cheese, Maida (refined flour), Street foods, dried and tropical fruits, Licorice, beverages, and carbohydrate drinks.

Hydration plan:

Nearly 1-1.5ml water should be taken for each calorie consumed. During the 2nd and 3rd month of pregnancy, women should hydrate themselves regularly for preventing dehydration, headaches, and urinary tract infections.

Lemonade keeps the body hydrated and replenishes electrolytes of the body as it contains VITAMIN C. It controls blood pressure and gets a better relief for morning sickness and stress.

Coconut water is the major hydrating drink which is also an excellent source of calcium, dietary fibre, manganese, riboflavin, and vitamin C. It also restores the salt content of the body.

Fruits play a major role in pregnant women diet plan which contains essential nutrients and hydrating agents for both mother and baby. For a day, three different fruits should be taken 1 medium whole fruit, ½ cup raw fruit, ¾ fruit juice.

Mixed Fresh juices by blending seasonal fruits such as watermelon, mango, sweet lime, etc., without adding sugar will help in avoiding pregnancy complications.

Adhering a healthy diet will prove efficient nutrients for the baby as well as the mother. Pregnancy diet plan contains a replacement of junk foods with healthy and homemade alternatives to keep illness aside. Diet plan should be strictly held during the first 3 months and 8th 9th month because the baby’s major development takes place at that time. It is essential to take care of pregnant women diet during pregnancy and after pregnancy for mother feeding. Be healthy and stay healthy.