Cannabis Legalization – What it Means

CBD is a component of the hemp plant (more commonly known as cannabis or marijuana). It can be extracted from the plant and is most often sold in the form of an oil, a spray, or a topical cream. While other kinds of cannabis oils contain THC, which is the psychoactive substance of marijuana, CBD oil and other CBD products do not contain any psychoactive ingredients. In other words, CBD doesn’t ‘make you high’. It has a wide range of effects and benefits on the human body. Those pushing for legalization often insist on its ability to provide relief for conditions such as epilepsy, insomnia or arthritis.   

Cannabis Legalization 

While medical and private interest groups have been pushing for CBD legalization for years, the widespread acceptance of this molecule is fairly recent. To this date, CBD has been legalized throughout the United States, and in dozens of countries including the U.K, France and South Africa. While the legalization of cannabis is going slow in most European countries, CBD legalization has been a fast process over recent years, converting one country after the next. This may be due to increased awareness of the benefits of CBD and of its differences from psychoactive forms of cannabis. 

What legalization means    

Firstly, cannabis legalization means that many countries will see a large increase in the production of local hemp. With the widespread legalization of CBD and its growing popularity, an increasing number of hemp farms are opening around the world. This has several benefits as it makes it easier for clients to track the quality of the CBD which they purchase. It also cuts down on transport costs which is better for the environment. Finally, it has been linked to a growing share of the hemp market going organic, as many CBD users especially in Europe favor hemp that does not use any pesticides or chemicals.     

Secondly, CBD legalization will provide relief for thousands of people suffering from common diseases such as Crohn’s disease as well as rarer ones. For those afflicted with dangerous conditions like epilepsy, it means no longer having to source abroad what is often the safest and most effective remedy.      

Finally, after CBD legalization we can expect the CBD market to diversify greatly. Already, countries in which CBD has recently become legal are starting to see an increase in the number of available CBD products. These range from CBD candy to face creams and pillow sprays.