14 Services a Home Health Center Can Provide

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Different service oriented businesses exist with an aim to cater to every consumer’s needs and one of them focuses on bringing health care services to every patient’s home.  

Working people in and around Texas have always relied on home health care in Dallas to fulfill the needs of their loved ones while they are out to earn. Most home health care service providers in the area offer a wide range of clinical medical care following a hospitalization with the help of their skilled and qualified medical professionals. The latter include a registered nurse, a physical or occupational therapist, medical technicians, and a doctor in many cases.

Depending on the prescription of your loved one’s personal physician, the following are a list of services that a home health care center in Dallas may offer:

Primary Services

Primary services are the type of home health care services directly supportive and related to health enrichment programs. These include:

  1. Nursing Care


The most commonly availed form of home health care service is nursing care and it is usually customizable depending on the patient’s actual needs. However, while the care services that a registered nurse provides are determined in light of the doctor’s diagnosis, consultation, prescription, and directives, in most cases, these services may include medication administration, monitoring of the general health of the patient, wound dressing, intravenous therapy, pain control, ostomy care, and other sorts of health support.

  1. Doctor Care

This type of service entitles the patient to a doctor’s visit at home for illness diagnosis, treatment, and the series of check-ups that the latter may entail. Depending on the patient or its loved one’s preference, the doctor may also visit at home from time to time to assess and make necessary adjustments on the patient’s current home health care needs.

  1. Physical and Occupational Therapy

This is a commonly availed services for customers whose patients might need to restore their basic movement capabilities after going through an illness or an injury. Ideal patients to get physical and occupational therapy service are those who suffered from stroke or paralysis brought about by tragic accidents or certain diseases.

Physical therapy focuses on regaining or strengthening the muscles and joints of the patient. On the other hand, occupational therapy focuses on rehabilitating and enhancing the patient’s developmental, physical, social, or emotional skills. With the right amount of time, this allows the patient to recover and relearn how she can carry out daily and basic functions like taking a bath, getting dressed, eating, drinking, and a lot more.

  1. Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services aid in the regaining the speech impaired patient’s ability to verbally interact and communicate effectively and normally like how a healthy person does.

  1. Home Health Aide Care

This type of care provided by professional home health aides who have gone through specialized trainings focuses on assisting the patient and catering to her personal basic necessities like getting out of bed, taking a bath, getting dressed, and walking. Home health aides are more skilled in terms of providing specialized care but in many cases, they are supervised by a registered nurse.

  1. Medical Social Care

This type of service which focuses on counseling and community-driven programs that can contribute to the patient’s recovery is usually performed by medical social workers. In some cases, the medical social worker can also act as the case manager of the patient. Here, the worker is responsible in looking over the patient’s complex needs and mans the coordination of a number of health care services to cater to such needs.

Secondary Services

Services that are focused more on support than on providing vital aids include:

  1. Basic Assistance or Homemaker Care

Basic assistance or homemaker care services are usually house chores or tasks that a medically-cared patient need to be done for her. These include meal preparation, laundry management, grocery buying, shopping, and other housekeeping tasks.

  1. Phamaceutical Services

This specific type of service covers the patient’s administrative needs that are medicine and medical equipment related. The personnel that performs this are especially trained for proper medicine dosage administration and equipment usage like what is used in intravenous therapy.

  1. Laboratory and X-ray imaging services

This service is availed when the home-based patient needs to undergo a series of laboratory tests like that of urine and blood tests. If the health care is equipped with a portable x-ray machine, X-ray tests may also be administered by the laboratory technician in the comforts of the patient’s home.

  1. Nutritional support services

This service which usually covers dietary assessment and guidance is usually performed by dietitians at the patient’s home at times that the patient is required to follow a special diet because of his health condition.

Other Services

  1. Companionship

If you are going to be out of town for a couple of days or more and you have no one to attend to your child or elderly, or a sick loved one, you can actually count on a home health care center in Dallas or one within your area to supervise and cater to your loved one’s needs. This kind of service is often availed for the guardians to have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in safe hands while they are away for important reasons. Aside from being a companion, this type of service also entitles the patient to be helped with other household duties.

  1. Volunteer Care

Some home health care centers also welcome volunteers from a particular reliable community organization to render services to the needy patients either through helping with personal care, companionship, emotional support, paper works, or transportation-related assistance.

  1. Transportation

This type of service handles the transportation needs of a patient to a specific medical facility and vice versa for check-ups, follow up medications, or/and treatments. Reliable home health care centers make sure that their patient’s safety and wellbeing are upheld through hiring only licensed drivers who have undergone safety driving trainings.

  1. Home Meal Delivery

This type of service caters to meal needs of a patient who can hardly cook for herself because of her medical condition while taking the patient’s nutritional requirement into consideration. This guarantees that the patient’s wellbeing is upheld even if the guardian is not around.