Tips on Staying Sober After a Stint in Rehab


In the past 10 years, the number of drug overdoses has nearly tripled. Most of the world is in the midst of an opioid crisis. This means more people than ever before need treatment for drug addiction.

Getting an addict to realize they require help can be difficult. If a person is struggling with drug addiction, getting into a reputable drug treatment center is vital. The following are some things a person needs to do to stay sober once their time in a drug treatment program is completed.

Steer Clear of Bad Influences

The biggest mistake a recently sober drug addict can make is trying to go back to the same friends. If these friends are still using drugs, the temptation will usually be too great for an addict to resist. While it will be hard to avoid these friends, it is essential if a person wants to stay sober.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that they can’t hang out with old friends, a person needs to focus more on forging new relationships. Going out in public to a mall or even to church can help a person meet new friends. The time and effort invested in finding these new friends will be worth it considering the trouble it can help a person avoid.

Find a New Job

One of the best ways for a person to avoid the temptation of using after time in rehab is by finding a job. If a person has a place to go to work daily, they will not want to ruin the opportunity by using drugs. Some drug treatment facilities offer job placements for recent graduates of their program.

Finding a rehab facility that offers this program can be beneficial. Not only can working help a person avoid temptation, it can also help them earn money. Investing time and energy in doing a great job for an employer will help an individual move up the corporate ladder.

Rely on Friends and Family for Help

Some newly sober addicts think they can handle the stress of readjusting to the day-to-day routines of life on their own. In reality, a person will need to rely on their network of trusted friends and family members to get through this difficult time. Having a friend that has also been through drug treatment as a sober buddy can be helpful.

This sober buddy should be contacted if a person feels like they want to use. In most cases, these phone calls will help an addict refocus on what is important. A great support system can help a person get through the tough times that may come just after getting sober.

Finding a great drug treatment facility is only possible is a person does their homework. At the arc rehab portsmouth, an addict can get the help they need to kick their habit once and for all. Visit their website or give them a call to find out more about this treatment facility and the experience they have helping others in need.