Does Soy Aid in Rapid Weight Loss?

Dieters want to know: Does soy aid in rapid weight loss? Today, we examine that question.

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Here’s a little bit of information about adding soy to help you meet your weight loss goals — and experience improved health.

Soy is uber popular with vegan or vegetarian people. Soy is a whole protein that has a reduced glycemic index and also has a reduced saturated fat content as compared to other animal sources of protein. Soybean is a species of legumes that Asians have consumed for many centuries.

The natural protein content of Soya chunks is very elevated. It has about 52% of protein and a meager1.5% of fat. This combination makes it an excellent option for shredding fat. Consuming protein can help you feel fuller, faster and stay satisfied for longer.

On the other hand, proteins from animals might introduce saturated fat into your diet that can increase your risk of developing heart diseases. The lean protein in the soy products aids in building muscle mass that increases your metabolism; this, in turn, causes fat burning and fast weight loss.

Can soy-based products help drop my weight?

The National Center for Biotechnology studied the eating habits of 100 obese adults. The study group was given a soy-based diet for 12 weeks, and the control group continued to consume their regular diet.

At the conclusion of the 12 week period, the research showed that the participants of the soy-consuming group lost almost double the weight of to the group which ate as per usual. The study group also reduced their cholesterol levels significantly. This study found zero side effects related to consuming soy products. The study concluded replacing regular foods with soy-based products can help reduce weight.

Soy products approved as a cholesterol-lowering food

FDA has approved soy products as a cholesterol-reducing food. Fermented soy (tempeh) has been scientifically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

However, the American Heart Association doesn’t recommend taking the isoflavone supplements. (Isoflavones are chemical agents found in some bean plants, including soy) Isoflavones make up the soy phytoestrogens.

Using soy products along with other heart-healthy products along with exercise can reduce your cholesterol levels tremendously.

Can genetically-modified soybeans harm you?

Genetically modified soybeans require fewer pesticides when compared to the regular crop.

The herbicides used for genetically-modified soy is not harmful to humans. The genetically-engineered soy is simpler to cultivate and preserves the soil’s nutrient content. There have been some reports of consumers developing food allergies after eating genetically engineered soy products. Top allergists recommend avoiding genetically-engineered sources of food–including soybeans.

Does soy cause thyroid enlargement?

Soy is considered a goitrogen. This term means that it promotes the formation of a condition called goiter (aka an enlarged thyroid). Several grains, vegetables, and plants fall into this same category. Some of the factors affecting the formation of goiter are as follows:

  • iodine deficiency
  • the presence of other goitrogens in your diet
  • defects of hormone production.

Rest assured that soy alone is doesn’t trigger thyroid enlargement.

If a person does suffer from hypothyroidism, they usually have some challenges with weight loss.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, soy protein is a whole protein that can be successfully worked into your diet. It has more healthful benefits than harmful.

Soybeans are an excellent substitute for animal proteins. When used along with other healthy foods, they can help lower your weight and drop your cholesterol levels. Despite the controversy surrounding soy, it is a wonderful protein option when eaten as part of a calorie controlled and planned meal.

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