The rise of labiaplasty and what’s normal

Labiaplasty is currently the most common of cosmetic surgeries performed on female genitals. Clinically referred to as a surgical reduction of the labia minora, the last decade has witnessed a dramatic rise in patients who request this procedure. The reasons for this can be varied, but partly this is because it’s now a procedure that is more commonly known about. But this is also combined with an increased willingness for women to more openly discuss or seek information regarding quite intimate issues that may have been previously considered taboo or uncouth to discuss.

If you are looking into this procedure for yourself, understanding that labial size varies between women is the first thing you should know. Like any other part of the body, differences are not only common but can vary pretty widely across individual female bodies. Some experts assert that the range of labial width can vary between 3-50mm across the adult population, while others suggest that normal length can be between 7mm and 5cm.

Many women seek out labiaplasty due to a combination of physical and aesthetic considerations. More commonly, patients report varying levels of pain during intercourse or discomfort in certain, often tighter, clothes. There is also a patient’s self-consciousness due to a labia minora’s visibility in certain fitted clothing like bathers or leggings, or even while naked. Some women also report that they are partly seeking labiaplasty due to negative comments they had received about this area of their body in the past. Others have noticed the change in their labia following events such as childbirth. Accordingly, undergoing labiaplasty can address these factors and often result in a patient’s improved sense of self. Enhanced sexual satisfaction is a reported outcome due to a patient’s increase in self-esteem or body confidence following a procedure.

In appreciating this information, the next step is to find and consult with a few medical professionals who are experienced in performing this procedure. Accessing high quality care when you are undergoing surgery on the genital area is essential so do research clinics thoroughly! If looking for labiaplasty in Melbourne or Sydney, be sure to consider the reputation of the clinic, patient reviews, and qualifications of staff you will be dealing with as there can be a lot of options out there!

There are a few ways that labiaplasty can be performed and it will most likely be through laser or more conventional surgical techniques that will make small incisions to remove excess tissue. You may have some dissolvable stitches as part of your treatment. Also expect to return to the clinic for some post-operative checks to monitor that things are healing properly and you will need to rest and perhaps even take some time off work or other intensive duties. During recovery you may wish to use ice to assist with swelling and specifically prescribed pain relief medications can be useful. You will also need to keep this area clean in order to aid the healing process and ward off potential infection.