How important is it to research the surgery before committing to it?

5 Reasons to Research Plastic Surgery Before Committing to It

Plastic surgery comprises a range of operations and invasive procedures, which reshape and restore your body and face. Despite the term often being associated with the beauty industry, it includes reconstructive surgery, burns treatment, craniofacial surgery, and others.

Before committing to any form of plastic surgery you should research the risks, the rewards, results with other patients, check the surgeon’s qualifications while making sure your surgeon is board-certified and set realistic expectations.

The Risks

You should understand the psychological risks which plastic surgery presents. Consider if the plastic surgery you’re looking to commit to will make you the centre of people’s attention. Or think about how your partner may become insecure because of your new appearance, which could cause jealousy episodes. You could also be uncomfortable after you underwent corrective surgery. But most risks related to plastic surgery are connected to unrealistic expectations and pre-operative emotional and mental states. Plastic surgery can also improve your life but there’s no such thing as “a perfect body.”

The Rewards

Successful plastic surgery can increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence. The modification of an issue considered by the patient can significantly decrease self-consciousness and eliminate social anxiety. People who’ve undergone plastic surgery could become more outgoing, willing to show their new features and less vulnerable. Confidence can appear across all aspects of life such as social, professional and romantic. In some cases, plastic surgery can have a direct positive effect on the quality of a patient’s life. For example, a woman who gets a breast reduction won’t suffer any more back pains. And, because plastic surgery can be expensive, you should consider having plastic surgery in in Poland. So, visit and browse through the different options available.

Results with Other Patients

When you’re searching for the right doctor, you should check the case examples of surgeries the doctor has performed. This way, you can assess his skill level and the area of expertise. If you like the overall results, stick with your decision of having plastic surgery in Poland. But consider that outcomes also depend on the state of the patient before the operation.

Surgeon Qualifications

You should evaluate the level of a surgeon’s peer and professional recognition to understand his qualifications. Check if he’s a member of specialized societies such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) or the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. It’ll ensure that the surgeon is ethical and qualified to perform your surgery. And verify if the surgeon is a member of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS).

Set Realistic Expectations

When you’ve identified the right surgeon, you should make sure you explain in detail what look you’re aiming for and that you and the doctor agree on expectations. Most patients set unrealistic expectations compared to what is actually possible. You should listen to the doctor’s recommendations and take into account that the results also depend on your body’s features not only on the doctor’s skills. For example, your surgery’s success may depend on the level of your skin’s elasticity, tissue stretch or body asymmetry. So, factor in all these elements and get on the same page with your surgeon so you can enjoy a great result.