How Ayahuasca Ceremony Fights With Western Medical Sensibilities

In the modern age, when medical researches bring forth newer and better ways of treatment, the ayahuasca cure is a convention breaker for sure.  This plant brew which is made from the baniosteropsis paapi vine stalks and the leaves of the chacruna shrub is very popular among the Amazon tribes.  There are learned shamans and plant healers who lead the ceremony for taking this drink in a group ritual. It has also become extremely popular in the modern world as it is supposed to be hugely instrumental in relieving physical and emotional problems.

More details

It has been stated as per the medical reports and case studies that the ayahuasca contains psychoactive brews which act as antidepressants and solve many emotional issues like tensions, stress and post traumatic disorder. However these studies are only a part and parcel of the ongoing research about the ayuahuasca plant, although there is no certainly no doubt about it that ayahuasca effects do a lot to improve the psychological insights. However there are still theories regarding the fact that there is shady side to the ayahuasca practice treatment too. The learned shamans conduct the ayahuasca drinking ritual at the ayahuasca retreats in Peru which attract people from all over the world.  This ceremony usually takes place at night, in a group. The potion is served to all with the accompaniment of singing Icaros or conventional hymns. The sacred tobaccos or machapos are also smoked. The effects of the ayahuasca are felt within a short while as patients can experience severe nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and hallucinations. These are all considered to be part of the self-cleansing process and liberation of evil energy.

Contradictions and conclusions

The intake of ayahuasca is a life changing and often very unique experience so it definitely amounts to some serious thoughts and knowledge inputs before implementation. While some have reported extremely good outcomes, there have been noted examples of deviations from the actual medical beliefs and unfavorable experiences for the visitors at the retreats. It is highly recommended that you get full info about the ayahuasca, preparation procedures and the most importantly, the retreat and shaman you will be placing yourself under. The retreat should be well equipped with good facilities, compassionate and cooperative counselors and also a medical team in case of emergencies. The most important thing is that the shaman should be a person who can be trusted in being adept, experienced, kind and ethical. Most of the time with the booming increase in ayahuasca tourism, the focus is more on eking in the profit margin and less on genuinely guiding people which has made it very commercialized.