Firm Launches Japan’s First Synthetics Production

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Synthetic materials have been around for a while now. They stand to serve the same purpose of an original material such as diamonds. For example, synthetic hair looks, and feels real but isn’t made naturally. Sometimes a natural process is introduced to man-made process, in which can speed the process of its final output. A good example of that is the laboratories that makes synthetic diamonds.

Many people tend to get confused with the term synthetic. When people hear synthetic diamonds, they automatically assume that the diamonds are fake or are forged with false elements. However, the actual definition of a synthetic process specifically in diamonds, is the use of same elements like coal, heat and pressure to forge the diamond. However, there are few minor changes in the system, which can cause to speed the process of the diamond. Today, there are approx. 140 million carats that are promised to be mined annually from minecraft(s). The rest is dependent on labs creating the diamond in a fast-paced environment, producing more diamonds than Mother Nature.

What Is The Difference Between Original & Synthetic?

The only difference between original and synthetic in diamonds is, its process of putting everything together, each have their own clocks. A natural process of forging a diamond takes a million or even billions of years to form, deep down under the earth’s surface. A synthetic process for forging a diamond takes the same elements, processed and assisted with the help of advanced technologies in which creates environments that can produce the same quality that are found in natural diamonds.

Japan’s Synthetic Diamond Program

Japan could have participated in a synthetic diamond program long ago, however there was no need until one company decided to launch their very own diamond coin in a form of crypto-currency! The Pure Diamond Co. in Tokyo had launched synthetic diamonds program specifically for industrial purposes at the moment, however according to a recent statement made by Takuya Ito whom is the director of Pure Diamonds Co, saidwe are planning to startselling the man-made precious stones to wholesalers and retailers for consumer usage. We can expect to grow towards conducting business for retail and ecommerce, only once they synthetic jewels proves worthiness for consumers use”.

Facilitating a synthetic diamond lab is very, very expensive. In order to execute this project successfully, a vast amount of financial resources would be required, in which the country itself isn’t in favor for. However, one clever plan has been strategized by the company that would assist them in building and structuring the synthetic diamond program. Pure Diamond Co are planning to create a crypto-currency (PURE DIAMOND COIN) in which would be used to fund facilities, production, equipment, research and further development. Pure Diamond had launched the initial coin offerings (ICO) on September 1st, 2018. Pure Diamond is said to be using the blockchain technology to verify specifications of every synthetic diamond created by the company. There will be two major factors in which Pure Diamond’s blockchain will be relying on, and that is characteristics and provenance. Takuya Itofurther added that Pure Diamonds technology and the blockchain will be a surefire method to ensure the synthetic diamonds are traceable and will be able to set them apart from natural diamonds and other synthetics that aren’t from Pure Diamond’s synthetic diamond lab.

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