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Debunking Some Myths Around Dental Implants

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“A little learning is a perilous thing.” Believing myths and false perceptions is not logical doing. But when one is unsure, he or she tends to fall into false belief. Same is the scenario when it comes to dental implants. Being the most common solution to chipped, or broken teeth, it too has come under scanner as many people are apprehensive about the surgery due to false rumours and myths.

Here are some of the popular ones that you need to get over:

Dental implants are painful

The thought of any surgery might make one feel that it is painful. But with modern medical technology of anaesthesia and nitrous sedation available, dental implants have become a painless process. The individual will have the feeling of trivial uneasiness for the first few days only and then it will fade away with routine.

Dental implants are visible

Unless your companions are dentists with years of experience, it is very unlikely for them to notice a dental implant amidst your teeth. Dental implants are the most common solution when it comes to broken teeth and it is rooted to be as natural looking as ordinary teeth. This aspect also depends on the expertise of the dentists. Clinique Dentaire Malka is known for its expert level treatment in this regard.

Dental implants require high maintenance

Dental implants are closed below the crown of your tooth on a permanent basis. Hence, like any normal tooth, it too requires you to brush twice and floss once a day. It requires less maintenance as compared to dentures of your teeth.

Dental implants fail to work

The myth of dental implants falling off quickly or being ineffective is very common. Being crafted of biocompatible titanium, dental implants are accepted by the human body quickly. There are rare cases reported where the dental implantations fail to be accepted by the jawline but according to sources, 98% of the surgeries are successful.  

Dental implants are not economical

It is true that dental implants are a bit on the expensive end when it comes to costs. But considering the long-term requirements, it has proved to be less costly in comparison to fixing dentures. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants are bound to last for a long extended period of time.

Believing in false perceptions can’t help you fix your dental ailments. For, one has to look at the bigger picture and unfollow these myths to reap the benefits of Dental Implants.