Cannabis Grow Lights Are All You Want

The Coco for Cannabis grow lights guide is an independent and unsponsored resource for growers. Our goals are to demystify grow light metrics, share reliable grow light data, and empower home growers with the simplest information about grow lights. We conduct independent grow light field testing and have developed articles and resources to help growers understand the science of horticultural lighting.

In this guide, we publish complete grow light field test data, describe the science behind our testing protocols, explain what all the data means, provide grow light calculators to help analyze and compare grow lights and share articles about horticultural lighting that are grounded in the sciences of physics and botany.

A Coco for Cannabis and Migro Collaboration

Our cannabis grow lights guide is collaboration among Dr. Coco and Dr. Photon from Coco for Cannabis and Shane Torpey from Migro Lighting. At Coco for Cannabis, our mission is to help growers maximize the success of their cannabis crops by providing scientifically accurate information. We are excited to collaborate with Shane because he has earned a well-deserved reputation for doing fair and accurate grow light testing. Our shared interests are in educating growers and being a reliable and credible source for data and information about grow lights.

The Science of Horticultural Lighting

In these articles, we offer straight forward explanations of the science behind horticultural lighting of cannabis grow lights. Learn about the science of horticultural lighting. We explain the key grow light metrics and terminology: PAR, PPF, PPFD, and more. Start here to make the most of our Grow Light Guide!

How Much Light (PPF) does one Need for Indoor Cannabis?

We review the science of cannabis photosynthesis and explain the optimal quantity (PPF) and density (PPFD) of light for indoor cannabis. Not enough light leads to “Larf” and too much light can result in Photoinhibition. We include a Grow Space Calculator which shows the optimal light and harvest potential for any grow space.

The core of grow light guard

Grow Light Comparison and Evaluation is the core of our cannabis grow lights guide. The grow light calculator allows you to compare and analyze different grow light fixtures. The article below explains the formulas that we use to calculate efficiency, coverage, and harvest potential for different grow light fixtures.

Calculating Grow Light Efficiency, Coverage & Harvest Potential

We explain how to use the Grow Light Calculator, the formulas it uses, and the science behind them. It is time to move past only using wattage to evaluate lights! Learn how we use Usable PPF to calculate our efficiency ratings, coverage estimates, and benchmark harvest targets.

Why do we offer a guide?

We offer this guide as a resource to growers. We do not accept sponsorship or advertising. There is no financial relationship between Coco for Cannabis and Migro Lighting. However, we receive no compensation from manufacturers for testing or for including their fixtures in our guide. We will always report accurate information and provides our honest evaluation of every fixture.

Grow Light Calculator

Our grow light calculator provides an accurate way to analyze and compare different grow light fixtures. You can enter your own cannabis grow lights data or select a preloaded fixture. The Calculator will tell you the Usable PPF, Efficiency, Coverage, and Harvest Potential. The Grow Light Comparison Table allows you to easily compare different fixtures.