How Botox Treatment Benefits Your Face?

Botox treatment was known earlier as Dysport and now it is referred to as Xeomin. The names of the Botox procedures denote the therapeutic dermatologist treatment group known as neuro modulators, which can erase wrinkles. These neuro modulators perform by blocking the chemical found between the muscles and nerves to avoid muscle contraction to alleviate the formation of wrinkles and skin folding. All these procedures of Botox are approved by FDA, which makes it very safe for cosmetic purposes for sharing a similar action mechanism.

How Botox benefits the face?

You can use Botox for your face in several ways. It can be used to improve the various features present in the face. They are:

  1. Forehead: When you become older, it is natural for your forehead to develop many wrinkles horizontally. The skin of your forehead will lose its elasticity with time and would lose its elasticity with time. It would cause the skin to develop horizontal lines in a pronounced fashion across the forehead, which can make people feel self conscious. Botox treatment can help in removing such frown lines to make your forehead look smooth to offer a younger look.
  2. Mouth: When you smile, the muscles near the mouth tend to develop a permanent sneer which would get stronger and stay permanently. The skin around the mouth will appear to have a sneer expression. Using botox injection would help in creating a smile lift. It can also be used to correct gummy smile issue where the upper ip moves a bit high to remove the upper gums.
  3. Eyes: Crow’s feet are the first indicators of your aging skin. These lines appear when you reach 35 years of age and will be noticeable with time. Botox injections would help in relaxing the eye region to keep the ocularis orbis muscles in the eye area relaxed to look younger. This procedure also returns the smooth appearance and replaces the lost collagen in the skin.

Plus, botox can also be useful or preventing the eyebrow droop as it lifts the brow line and helps you flaunt a fresh look all day long.