Are Female Sexual Dysfunction Drugs Helpful?

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A new drug that will help in making a woman’s brain more receptive to sexual activities has emerged in the market. This drug is one of the newest drugs in the market that claim to treat the female sexual disorder. The makers of lybrido claim to increase the sex drive and sexual satisfaction in women whose libido is waning.

How Does It Really Work?

Lybrido and Lybridos were launched in the market as a treatment for HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder). HSDD is a psychological condition found in almost 10% of adult women. A woman suffering from HSDD has no or little interest in sexual activities. Lybrido will increase the sensitivity of a woman to sexual cues. It helps in reducing the “sexual brake” that halts the pleasure and desire of having sex in women. The drug contains testosterone, which will help the woman to regain the sex drive.

This drug acts on the chemicals of the brain (neurotransmitters) such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. It increases the brain’s sensitivity to any sexual activity. The patient can take it three to six hours before the sexual activity.

Is Viagra For Women?

Yes, Viagra for women pill is now approved by FDA. Female Viagra pill is cure sexual disorder. Read more about it. Viagra for women for increase a low libido. Main active ingredient in this pill is Sildenafil citrate same as men’s sildenafil.

Will Women Go Wild?

Testosterone administration and aggression have a close relationship. However, it will happen only when the dosage of testosterone is very high. Consuming 100 lybrido tablets per day for a year will show such effects, so it is the last thing you should worry about.

Studies reveal that taking 4-5 pills per month or one pill every other day will not show any aggressive symptoms in women. After further studies, the doctor may even prescribe one tablet per day. However, the medicine is so effective that the patient will not need more than one dose per day.

Concerns adjoining the Fears

According to many sociological and sexuality experts, the main problem regarding the female sexuality medicines are not the complications but the fears that come along with it. They fear that if a woman keeps on using such drugs like Lybrido, she will have sex whenever she likes and will not wait for her partner to take an initiative. However, no such concerns were arising regarding the use of Viagra.

Now, the real problem is not the low sex drive in a woman. This problem is much serious than it looks. The main issue is to address the reason behind the low sex drive. The libido issues in women are difficult to pin down unlike in men, where mostly physical reasons cause erectile dysfunction.

In the case of women, sexuality disorders are usually a result of some psychological issue. And the most effective treatment in such case is to address the issues first.

What Lies underneath, And Ahead

Medicalization of sexuality of any gender tends to ignore the cultural factors that affect sexuality. It does not mean that everybody who is potentially fit to have sex must have sex means not everyone wants to have sex with their partner at a given time. Female sexual dysfunction is a result of many social, cultural, and psychological factors. It can be an outcome of various factors such as traumas, body shaming, and relationship turmoil.

Psychological factors play a much important role in affecting the sex drive of a woman. It includes all the aspects of the relationship that affect the well- being of a woman. It comprises of anxiety, relationship issues, mood, distractibility, stress. The major issue that decreases the sexual desire of a woman is fatigue. In addition to this, social and cultural messages around a woman can largely influence her sexuality. Many women lose their interest in sex due to the social expectations set for her. A woman is expected to be multi-orgasmic. She has to make someone else no matter if it is taking a toll on her own mental health.

The International Health Services Research at University College London conducted a test wherein four to five libido enhancement products were given to women suffering from low sex drive. It was really surprising that these women believe that these drugs will transform their lives. However, in reality, they will just rewire their brain by boosting hormone production. A very close link between calorie control and sexual desire was also found. Women who are not content with the body shape are more prone to female sexual dysfunction.