Advantages of Herbal Medicines like Hua Laksiam

Herbal medicines have been used to treat illnesses for a long time now. Before allopathy became the more prevalent method of treating diseases, herbal medicines had been in wide circulation. Made from medicinal plants and herbs, they had been used as home remedies before becoming a branch of medicine in recent years.

Medicines like the traditional Chinese herbal “hua Laksiam”[ฮั้วลักเซียม, which is the term in Thai] have been accepted by many. Why has the herbal medicine proved so effective and what is the reason behind its wide-scale acceptance? Let us look at a few advantages that herbal medicines provide over other medicines:

  1. Made from Natural Sources: The prime reason behind the success of herbal medicines is its source. Plants and herbs that are found in nature and bear medicinal properties are used in combination with one another to create medicines that treat diseases. For example, Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal “hua Laksiam”, is made from the combination of nearly a hundred herbs that provide treatment for multiple issues within the body.
  2. No Side Effects: Being made from natural sources, the major advantage that it has is that it has no side effects. Other types of medicines which are made by combining different chemicals and components that tend to cause other undesirable reactions within the body which again requires medical attention and additional medication. Herbal medicines produce no side effects whatsoever and patients who consume herbal medication do not have to visit the clinic often.
  3. Low Price: Another massive advantage that herbal medication has over alternate forms of medication is that they are extremely cheap. As they are made from easily available natural sources, the cost of these medicines is not as high as compared to other types of medicine. Herbal medication is thus easily affordable to all kinds of patients.
  4. Multi-Purpose: Natural medication combines different herbs which have a range of medicinal properties and can be used to treat more than one type of disease. Thus one medicine can serve more than one purpose and it eradicates the need for several expensive medicines by replacing it with one medicine.

Herbal medicines have been used widely across several countries in the world. This study of medicine comes down from ancient heritage and they have proved to be quite effective time and time again. Pharmaceutical companies these days dealing in herbal medicines have worked hard to bring these medicines to the public which can last longer and can be stored easily.