World over, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is known to be a traumatic disease for men and is something that is still not openly talked about. This often gets men to question their manhood and in many cases is a reason for extremely low self-esteem.  Owing to the fact that, in many places across the world ED is frowned upon and also since societies across the world consider men suffering from ED as men with lost masculinity, many men hide their sufferings from their peers, friends or family members.

Married men suffering from ED, often acknowledge ED as a very embarrassing and sad phenomenon in their marriages. They often (falsely) attribute to ED, causes that relate to the other dimensions of married life. There are also many false information and stories regarding ED going around that add to this climate of pessimism around this subject that can again add to the stress that men with ED suffer from. One of the lesser known yet one of the most important facts about ED is that it can be treated with. For easy and quick ED treatment go toward Super Arrowmeds Super Vidalista Tablets Reviews.

A fascinating fact is that with the right approach, ED can be partially or completely treated or managed (depending upon the cases).  A guy named Jeffrey, who has been my friend since college, initially started to face this problem 8 years ago and has always been very expressive for sharing his personal experiences on how to deal with this issue.

  1. – ED doesn’t affect your masculinity Jeffrey started experiencing the initial symptoms of ED three years in to his marriage. His struggles involved facing difficulties in achieving full erection and requiring extra efforts and simulation to maintain them. Sooner, his condition worsened further and there came a time where he could no longer achieve a full erection.This soon resulted in having an adverse effect on his marriage and with his wife Joanne (who was one of the hottest girls from our college). Jeffrey started to lose interest in the idea of intimacy, sex and physical love, which his wife, Joanne did not take very well. There came a time, when Jeffrey wouldn’t even touch her while laying with her on their bed together.

    Jeffrey even wound up being influenced in his job, the job that had been the focal point of his reality, something he was always so passionate about. Jeffrey would often mutter with gloom sometimes and say, “I believe since I had lost my manliness, I imagined that now it would be too hard to do anything as a man. I dislike looking at couples kissing in the park or being intimate”.

Later from a counselor, Jeffrey came to know of the fact that the idea of masculinity in many social spheres today is flawed and that masculinity is something that is way more than sex. The idea of proving to someone that one is man enough is problematic in itself, as the issue is quite subjective and its understanding differs from person to person. Being a man can also mean to provide for one’s family and shoulder the burden of responsibility, loving one’s family, being a teacher to one’s kids. Jeffrey also came to know about how being a man, can also mean being a father and teacher, this also broadened his horizons of how he perceived the idea of being a man, a better man.

  1. – Sex isn’t the only form of intimacy It is a well-known fact that sex is viewed as the pinnacle of physical intimacy and if two people are not able to reach that pinnacle they may feel that something is wrong with their bond and why they are not able to take the next step. Having known all this, Jeffrey soon realized that sex was not the only way to express love or to share moments of intimacy.Jeffrey came to know from his counselor that there are many couples that she counsels who are suffering from similar problems and yet have a lot of fun and share many moments of intimacy with each other. Jeff also realized that Joanne wasn’t just feeling bad due to his low sexual prowess but also due to the neglect which he had subjected her to. She still needed to share moments of joy, laughter and intimacy with the man she had married for love. She still needed to be made feel special.

    These realizations made Jeffrey ignite a renewed spark in his ailing marriage. Jeffrey started to lay naked with Joanne for hours together, cuddle her for longer durations and kiss her very often for extended periods of time. He started doing things which he knew Joanne would love from their days of college –this involved letting Joanne sit on him while they would both watch ice-hockey and kiss intermittently. All of this soon led to a huge turnaround from a situation that could have resulted in another failed marriage.

    This also dispels the common myth about sex that ‘one shouldn’t start what one can’t finish’. In the case of Jeffrey and Joanne, playful and intimate acts of love (that didn’t lead to sex) still restored the confidence they had thought was over in their marriage. Get more detail about ED navigate here: Arrowmeds.

  2. – It is about pleasure, not performanceFor men like Jeffrey, who suffer from inconsistent bouts of ED it is important to understand that imagining oneself in a race or competition is the wrong way to look at this issue. Self-scrutiny over this must be done away with and innovative steps should be taken to address it.
    Jeffrey recalls that when he began to renew his intimate relationship with Joanne there was a stark decrease in episodes of ED. He would then cherish the times when him and his wife would become intimate to till the end (climax). One other thing he notes is that, “When I stopped worrying about performing and instead focused doing the things that I could still do, my confidence started to rise again”

It was the transition from a performance oriented mindset to the one where pleasure mattered that made the difference to Jeffrey and his wife.

  1. – Speaking up is great

Many surveys across the world have proven that around 59% of all men who are above 36 in America have experienced this problem and approximately 1 out of 5 young men in their 20s also suffer from this condition. The worrying trend to underline though is that occurrences of ED are becoming more and more common both among young men as well as among the older demographics.

One can start opening up about this issue with one’s doctor and partner. Acknowledgement alongwith open dialogue with one’s spouse can result in relief in many of these cases, as honesty in relationships is still something that is coveted. A thoughtful and sensitive wife will allow you the space to gain your confidence and help you in the process of reaffirming the ideas of intimacy and physical love.
Jeffrey often mentions that the moment he started opening up about his problems to his wife and doctor the pressure was off him considerably.

  1. – ED is TREATABLE!

A disastrous myth regarding ED that people keep on sharing and forwarding to their friends and near ones is that ED cannot be treated. This is untrue and wrong! There are numerous remedies available for curing ED, interestingly many of these involve methods that are non-clinical in nature. Doctors often prescribe changes in life-style and counseling for the treatment of ED. This ranges from changes in diet to regular exercising to medication in some cases. You can get Tadalista Online at Affordable Price.

While seeking help or treatment for ED is not easy initially but if the fight for the moments that bring you close to your partner physically, matter to you at all. It is worth it.

Jeffrey recollects fond memories of how he and Joanne made changes to their lifestyle and diet in his ED treatment, “We went from people who used to hate fruits and exercise to people waking at 6 every day and having fruit juice after running for 2 miles! If your wife loves you she would help you get over the rough patch and standby you”

After 2 years of regular treatment that involved constant counseling sessions, exercise regimen and some medications, Jeffrey and Joanne have a loving marriage and an even more happening sex life.