What are the Benefits of Pro Yellow Laser to the Skin

The Pro Yellow Laser, a popular laser treatment in Singapore today, employs a special yellow wavelength (577nm) to renew the skin by eliminating imperfections without harming the healthy tissue in the process. The Pro Yellow Laser is able to effectively treat skin problems because the skin absorbs the laser’s delicate yet powerful yellow energy. The Pro Yellow Laser’s several treatment settings make it ideal for a wide range of dermatological issues.

The FDA has approved the Pro Yellow Laser for use in treating vascular and pigmented lesions.

It uses laser technology based on copper bromide, which has the multi-wavelength potential to cure a variety of skin disorders, like skin pigmentation (including melasma), various skin lesions (including seborrheic keratosis), vascular lesions, and acne. In addition to its use as a spot treatment for acne, it has been shown to be very successful as a means of treating fine lines and wrinkles all over the face.

Pro Yellow Laser is ideal for treating a wide range of skin problems due to its unique ability to reach deep under the skin without damaging surrounding tissue.

What Makes Pro Yellow Laser Effective Against Melasma?

Pro Yellow Laser’s two distinct wavelengths, 578nm and 511nm, align with the absorption maxima for pigmented and vascular diseases, respectively. These specific wavelengths are safe enough to penetrate far into the dermis and be received by the pigments without harming the nearby skin.

The Pro Yellow Laser’s combination of yellow and green light makes it an efficient melasma treatment and removal option. One way it helps is by reducing melanin formation in the first place. To put it another way, Pro Yellow Laser not only treats melasma, but it also inhibits melanin formation to lessen the frequency with which it returns.

Pro Yellow Laser For Skin Redness And Rosacea

Fine blood vessels become more visible on the skin’s surface as we age. In other words, it makes us want to flush often. Some people are predisposed to have red, sensitive skin because of their genes or the color of their skin. In example, rosacea is a prevalent skin disorder that is characterized by face flushing and even pimple-like lesions and may be chronic and recurring. As a result, this may cause significant difficulties in our regular routines.

The oxyhemoglobin in human blood is the intended target of the yellow light at 578nm generated by a Pro Yellow Laser. Therefore, it effectively reduces the look of red areas on the face by contracting the capillaries. Pro Yellow Laser is a powerful tool for treating sensitive skin, rosacea, telangiectasia, and cherry angiomas, all of which are vascular skin disorders.

What Else Can Pro Yellow Laser Do?

Brightening The Skin

Collagen formation is boosted, and pigmentation is lightened, by the yellow light. In addition to its general brightening impact on the skin, it is also excellent in healing scars and stretch marks.

Reducing Acne

In addition to killing acne-causing bacteria, yellow light may also decrease sebum production by shrinking the sebaceous glands.

Does The Procedure Cause Discomfort?

Pro Yellow Laser is a mild laser therapy that does not tear the skin’s surface, in contrast to most other laser therapy. This means that numbing cream isn’t necessary for a pleasant treatment experience. As an added bonus, the sensation of heat is much diminished because of the way it is spread and diffused at the skin’s surface.

Is There Any Recovery Time Associated With The Pro Yellow Laser Procedure?

Due to the fact that the Pro Yellow Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that does not cause any skin rupture, the recovery period is short. In fact, after you finish the treatment, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin’s brightness.