How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Clean

Kids can get quite dirty all through the day. Whether they’re home crafting things or playing in the backyard or enjoying soccer at the school, dirt is one heck of fact that every mom has to deal with.

It is said “Dirt doesn’t hurt”, but getting kids to know the importance of health and cleanliness is a must and could be a painful job for everyone. So, how do you convince children to wash their hair or take bath daily and ensure that they brush their teeth for longer minutes? Well, here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your kids clean and healthy from the expert mothers of San Diego-

  • Huff and puff and you’re done with bathing- often kids despise to get dirt out of their nails and wash their hair. Remember improper washing of hair could lead to growth of lice. If your kid has lice in his/ her head, then it is very important to seek assistance from San Diego lice removal experts. Keeping the hair clean, well-trimmed and well-brushed is very important. And, once the experts are done with the cleaning process, make sure you keep the hair of your kids clean to avoid future troubles. Similar is the case for body. Make sure that your kid takes bath regularly. Just involve him/ her in some game and trick and you’ll be done with the process.
  • Make brushing a race- actually the mothers set up a two minute timer for the kids and emphasize to brush till the timer is running. Not only does it ensure that the kid gets enough time for brush, but also it is fun to race against the timer for them. And, thus they brush faster, cleaning all the edges and corners.
  • Splash in and include toys in bathing- bathing could be a piece of cask, if you make it fun. Make use of the right toy in the bath tub and your child will surely love the bathing time.
  • Nail clipping is simpler- well, for a lot of parents, nail clipping is a two person job. One person needs to hold the child and keep distracting him/ her and the other has to concentrate on clipping. However, if you just make tapping sound, kissing noise of beeping voices, it would distract the kid and make nail clipping easier.
  • Have you washed your hands- kids keep exploring anything and everything with their hands. They put in everything in their mouth, whatever comes to them. Thus, it is very important that you make a habit that they keep their hands tidy. Make them focus on their fingers while washing hands. Develop a habit of using hand wash every time they wash hands.
  • A vitamin will help in keeping the cold away- try to include vitamins in the daily food habits of your kid. Make sure you give them enough vitamins in the breakfast. With a balanced diet, they will never fall sick and have a good immune system.