How to gain height through exercise and diet?

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Having a tall and a great figure is definitely every ones dream as it has its perks. It not only makes you look good in appearance but a good height boosts your confidence too. But unfortunately some people’s growth hormones do not support, while others have a sudden growth spurt. Medically it is a proven fact that the height of a person is governed by his or her genetics. It is also believed that a person stops growing after 18 years.

In spite of all the above factors, there are various other elements that influence growth and an individual can still gain height by a few inches even after reaching puberty by following a healthy lifestyle, stretching exercises on a daily basis and consuming healthy food. Generally people eat lots of vegetables and fruits In order to lose weight, but they even help in increasing height.

It is true that an increase in height depends on a person’s age, but there are some very good stretching exercises that can increase the length of muscle and can increase height even after puberty.

These are some functional exercises to increase height:

  • Swimming- It is one of the best exercises, if done 5 hours every week; it can do wonders to help in increasing the height.
  • Jumping exercises- This exercise is the best way to increase height as jumping increases blood supply to the bones, helping an increase in bone density and even stimulates growth hormones.
  • Hanging exercise- Though it is a fun and simple exercise to increase height but works really fast. It can be done anywhere.
  • Triangle Pose- Though it is an effective yoga exercise, but it stretches the calves, hamstring, calves, hips, spine and groin.
  • Table top- This exercise does wonders for increasing height and helps very effectively in firming the spine and back muscles.

Does the use of steroids help in gaining of height without any side effects?

The answer is yes. Actually HGH (human growth hormone) can assist you increase your height. But it is strongly advised that it should always be taken under the assistance of a doctor. You can check the facts Valkyrie Online. It is said that it can only help you if your growth plates are not locked yet.

It is true that the height of a person is decided by the person’s genetics, but some other environmental factors like an apt diet and food can influence person’s height. Having a healthy and nutritious diet, with enough of essential nutrients like potassium, zinc, manganese, calcium, proteins, vitamin C and phosphorous which are required for stimulating growth and thus increase in height.

These are some healthy food options:

  • Dairy products- Milk products like cheese, curd and yoghurt.
  • Eggs- Best source for vitamin D, calcium and Riboflavin.
  • Chicken- Excellent power house for protein.
  • Banana- Helps build up stronger bones.
  • Ashwagandha- Influences HCG- human growth hormone.
  • Fish- Packed with vitamin D, necessary for development and growth of bones and increasing bone density.

Therefore, follow a healthy diet and include functional exercises in your daily regime in order to increase you height naturally.