Easing Butt Soreness And Flattening Caused Due To Over Sitting

 If you are longing for a curvaceous body and wish to flaunt a big-sized butt, then it may be useful to learn that achieving this objective is not easy with a sitting, deskjob of 6 – 8hours. Remaining seated for prolonged duration results in flat-shaped buttocks. Moreover, it can cause butt pain throughout the body.

There are various ways of correcting butt issues and achieving round and a perfect butt.

What Happens when You keep Sitting for Prolonged Hours?

  • It is important to understand that remaining seated for long hours can cause the shuttingdown of the Gluteus muscles; as a result of which your pelvic and hip movements are hindered.
  • Additionally, a poor sitting posturecauses hip flexor tightening and Gluteus movement restriction. As an outcome, you may find it difficult to rotate the pelvis forwards; thereby, compressing the back and resulting in backaches. In the long run, this could become highly painful.
  • Weakened Gluteus muscles are known to affect the lower part of the body, including the ankles and knees.This is because when the larger buttlinked musclesare rendered unable to support the body’s weight, there is shifting of pressure on the weaker areas.
  • It may also interest you to know that restricted Gluteus is known to become weak over time; this syndrome is also referred to as Muscle Atrophy.
  • It could also result in straining of the back. Here, you may find it difficult to practice your normal workout regime.
  • Sitting in a chair for extended periods can cause buttocks sagging and flattening, which alters buttocks appearance negatively.
  • Sedimentary lifestyle reduces the blood circulation; thus, skin’s health is affected.
  • You may also suffer from cellulite issues, which can further result in loss of collagen.

Solving Issues related to Flattened, Irregular Bums

The body can be kept in postured position during sittingvia adjusting the chair for maintaining the hips a little above the knees, while keeping the feet rested on the floor. Supporting the back with the help of a pillow, or chair may also be pursued.

Ensuring that the shoulders are in an upright position and the head is above the shoulders is also important. The computer should be maintained at eye-level or below. The elbows mustalso be at the height of the table and your desk within close range, so you feel comforted when working on the keyboard.

Achieving that round-shaped butt is also easy if you maintain a regular exercise regime. You can also enroll in Barre classes; or performPilates, squats, side lunges, kneeling kickbacks regularly. Working the Gluteus muscles on your chair is also suggestedworthy.

Using a derma roller on the butts, quads and hip flexors is another option that you may avail. The derma roller for butt should be used when you feel tightened; it is useful for relief from soreness and increasing the body flexibility. Moreover, it contributes towards toning the buttocks and stimulating the production of collagen.

Gain a fuller, perfect butt and improve your overall posture; follow our suggestions above if your job requires sitting for long hours.