Do’s and Don’ts when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is not a joke at all. There is this life of an innocent, who depends too much on you. So, if you were the one conceiving, then you need to do your best during your pregnancy. I know that you are used to your usual daily routines, but you need to adjust. You cannot always insist to do what you want because you have to consider your pregnancy. In your thinking, you have the right to do what makes you happy. But your baby also has the right to live and be taken care of while in your womb.

There are young women, who are too immature and got pregnant. Some of them do not want to accept that they would be moms at a young age. Sometimes, their unwanted pregnancy has even led them to undergo abortion, which is illegal in most countries, especially where Roman Catholicism is practiced. You have taken the right of your baby to live. The fifth commandment of the Holy Bible says that you shall not kill. So, if you will not go against abortion, then you have no right to carry a baby.

You can terminate your pregnacy, even if you don’t want to do it when your life is at risk. For example, after visiting a doctor, he found out that you have an ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the experts can legally practice abortion to save your life. With an ectopic pregnancy, there is a complication because the embryo is actually attached outside of the uterus. This will cause you pains in your abdomen as well as bleeding – really dangerous. So, if you know that you are conceiving, then you should know what you must do and what shouldn’t to keep the baby safe.


If possible, you have to sleep 7 – 9 hours and take a nap when you feel tired. Actually, most pregnant women experience anxiety because of the hormone level, thus causing you to feel sleepy. And then, do not forget that no matter how your pregnancy keeps you lazy and tired, exercise is still needed. You do not really need to work out too much, just enough and essential exercise or yoga would be fine. Your doctor may talk about the regular exercises like walking. This will be very helpful, so that you will not gain too much weight, especially you would surely want to eat a lot.

When it comes to the food, make sure that you will eat nutritious and healthy meals. Make sure to have foods rich in vitamins as well as minerals. Iron, zinc, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids would be great for you and your baby. If possible, avoid eating raw or half-cooked food to avoid food poisoning and illnesses that may lead to birth defects.

When you are having the flu or other sickness, then it is recommended to consult your doctor. He can give you the right vaccine to take for you to have a strong resistance and a healthy immune system. Anyway, your doctor will surely prescribe your prenatal vitamins, which will help your baby’s development. If you will visit your doctor regularly or have other resources, too, about various illnesses and diseases that are usually acquired, then it would be a relief. Most of all, follow the expert’s advice.


Alcohol is not safe to drink because this will greatly affect the development of your baby. Now, if you will not avoid this, then you may deliver a baby with FAS or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. With this, he has less weight, disabilities, behavior problems and lagged growth or development. The same health concerns may happen, if you will not quit or stop smoking during pregnancy. Illegal drugs, such as cocaine or cannabis would never be very helpful. Therefore, do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarette to have a normal baby.

Relaxing is very important in your lifestyle, but if you used to go to saunas or hot tubs, then avoid it for now. This is an exposure to a hot environment, which is fine when not pregnant. For now, skip from this lifestyle because this is not safe for the baby in your womb. It would be fine to just take a shower and keep yourself clean.