Creating Customer Value At Speyer Through Operations

Operations management is the systematic design, direction and control of processes that transform inputs into services and products for internal, as well as external customers. Processes of multiple firms can be linked together to form a supply chain– interrelated series of processes within and across firms that produces a service or product to the satisfaction of the customers. Global real estate investment firm, Speyer understand how important supply chain management is. In the development and construction of a new building, from start to finish, all steps matter. Therefore the most important part of their process is the synchronization of a firm’s processes with those of its suppliers and customers to match the flow of: materials, services, and information. Speyer knows that processes must be created for each step of the customer experience at an affordable price and involve coordination across all functional areas of their firm.

The inputs and outputs of Speyer’s process are very specific The outputs are usually a building, in simple terms. Buildings then can provide a variety of other outputs but that is sole main output. A process is an activity or group of activities that transforms and adds value to one or more inputs, and generates one or more outputs for its customers. Sometimes, Speyer also has nested processes. A nested process is a process within a process. It can be broken down in subprocesses if one person or department is unable to perform all parts of the process and different segments of the process may require different skill sets. Most services or goods are produced through a series of interrelated business activities says Speyer where all activities would add value to the preceding activities and eliminate waste and unnecessary cost. The concept of supply chains reinforces the link between processes and performance.

For more information about Speyer and their processes, contact them using the link provided above. They are the primary company for understanding what can and cannot be done in the global environment to create customer value.