Addiction Rehab Toronto: Substance Abuse and Your Weight

Addiction rehab Toronto treatment is essential for those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse problems. A lot of Canadians are grappling with the effects of addiction and while there are some effects that are popularly known, some are not common knowledge. For instance, there are evidence-based proofs that a close connection between weight and substance abuse does exist. You can either gain or lose weight if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and there are scientific studies to prove it.

Addiction Rehab Toronto for Weight Solution

The dramatic changes in the dietary regimen of the individual are the most plausible reason why substance abuse directly affects the weight of the addict. Poor nutrition, as well as irregular eating patterns, is the contributing factors to the weight problems in most Canadians today. Healthy adolescents and adults suffer from malnutrition and other significant weight problems when substance abuse sets in.Image result for Addiction Rehab Toronto: What Therapy is Right for You?

How do you lose or gain weight with addiction?

Substance abuse basically affects the metabolism of an individual or the body’s way of breaking down food and using it for energy and nutrition. The body cells are in constant and regular need of nutrients such as glucose for growth, biological damage repair, and energy. Substance abuse causes poor nutrition and diet which in turn leads to the deprivation of the nutrients from the body. The effects of addiction to narcotics and alcohol, therefore, lead to organ and brain damage and other types of ailment.

Alcohol and Weight Problems

Alcohol contains empty calories and that results in the feeling of being full even if you have not eaten anything for several hours. Consuming large amounts of alcohol also destroys the intestinal tract thus disallowing the body’s capacity for vitamin utilization and absorption. The body is deprived of the needed vitamins and minerals which lead to malnourishment and the weakening of the immune system. Vitamin and mineral deficiency may also show in your physiological makeup, making you look thin or slim but in an unhealthy way.

Drug Abuse and Weight Disorders

Illegal, prescription, and recreational drugs are harmful to your health and have drastic effects on the body. There are illicit drugs such as methamphetamine which could result in quite obvious weight problems. Most of the times, you would see an addict that is extremely thin that the weight is alarmingly abnormal. Meth addiction results in sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and restlessness that could drastically affect the nutrition and eating habits of the individual.

On top of weight disorders, there are other massive effects of drug addiction to the overall health of the individual such as heart diseases, cardiac arrest, lung disease and cancer, stroke, diabetes, and increased death risk.

Canadians are in danger with the widespread popularity of substance abuse and addiction. Losing weight through taking illegal substance is definitely not the right and healthy way to reach your goal. Addiction rehab Toronto treatment programs address the issue on weight disorders through incorporating a comprehensive nutrition and dietary counseling for the recovering addict.